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  1. D

    VEII Passenger Front Electric Window Troubleshooting

    Hi, have been having an intermittent issue with this windows, sometimes stuck down and sometime wont go back up. I've found recently that opening and shutting the door (a little slamming involved) has got it working again. I assumed that maybe a plug had come loose. I've just stripped the door...
  2. D

    Inside door handle wont lock

    Just recently installed some new speakers in the driver and passenger doors, passenger went smoothly but upon re attaching the drivers side door trim I discovered the little button above the inside door handle wont fully move to the lock position. The door itself does lock both remotely and...
  3. P

    VL Sony head unit not working

    Hey guys first time posting, i've recently just bought a VL Berlina and I've been trying to wire up an aftermarket head unit (Sony xplod). Anyway all I'm worried about at this point of time is powering the actual head unit and not the speakers so please dont tell me i have to rewire all of the...
  4. T

    VY Ute Selector broken?

    Ok, so the symptoms are fairly simple, the gear stick will not move. It will only go from 4th gear to Neutral, aside from that. No movement at all. I've been given split advice. One person suggests that it may be low on transmission fluid, whilst another has suggested that it could be a...
  5. H

    [Help please] Can't enter diagnostic mode

    Hello I've got a vn v6 and i've checked for errors many times no probs by bridging the white and black wire with a paperclip, I've just recently put a new clutch in and o2 sensor out of another car because mine was buggered. I also changed memcal to a different 1 and decided i didnt want it...
  6. F

    HELP!!!! vh manifold vaccum ?

    i have a problem with my vh slr 6 cyl blue block . it is curently a project but it goes sweet for first gear lolz but then dumps out on the second the manifold vacumme just drops off can any boddy help ?