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  1. M

    Aftermarket Stereo No sound?

    Hi guys I recently acquired a 1997 VS Berlina and installed an aftermarket stereo. I used the aerpro wiring harness and everything seemed to work perfectly. The stereo powers on correctly, the antenna works, and picks up channels. However, I can't get any audio. This includes using the AUX cord...
  2. Michael_Wl caprice

    Wl caprice aftermarket stero install issue

    Hi guys and girls. I have recently purchased a wl caprice. And decided the stock stero just wasnt cut out for me. I would rather the option to play usb aux bluetooth all that fun stuff. So upon purchasing an aftermarket head unit i have ran into a problem. I cant seem to get any sound to play...
  3. N

    Need help with VY Executive Instrument Cluster.

    So, long story short... I attempted the dash light mod on the cluster, changing out the green LEDs for blue ones. I managed to pull this off successfully, with the exception of the cluster resetting all its programming. Everything was working fine last night, but I've gone to drive off this...
  4. S

    VT locks intermittently acting up

    as the title suggests guys i have a VT SS commodore and my locks are playing up. i replaced the battery, BCM and battery terminals and their still acting funny 99% of the time everything works beautifully, but maybe once or twice a week they stop working altogether and i gotta climb in...
  5. B

    VZ wagon randomly losing power, then fuel leak minute after ignition stop

    Hi, I'm hoping someone has some idea what's going on with my car. I'd really appreciate if anyone can help to figure out what's wrong with my car, so thanks in advance for any info you can provide. I don't know enough to do much to fix or diagnose this myself, but hoping someone can help me...
  6. J

    Car spluttering after driving 30 mins

    hey guys, car noon here. My car was spluttering really badly after a half hour drive on the highway once I pulled off to my residential street. Wouldn't go over 2thou revs or 30km, once it cooled down it was fine again. What do you think? It's a 96 vs commodore v6. I checked my ignition leads...
  7. jayderichards

    Vr Caliper anchor/mounting bolts

    hi! am having a bit of trouble with the anchor bolts on my vr. i want to change both pads and rotors and am starting with the front and doing all around along with a good dose of new brake fluid too! just wondering if anyone has any suggestions apart from WD40 and a breaker bar. I have...
  8. M

    VE SS V Redline fog lamps not working

    Ok Ive just bought the new baby home and do you think i can work out a simple little issue like getting the fog lamps to work. Na not the case can anyone shed some light on this. To answer some ?s yes the lamps are there (fog) and on the knobe that you turn the lights on there is two...
  9. P

    [NZ] Powerglide woes

    I am having an annoying, recurring problem with a pooglide I have put in my daily dirver. It is really weird, when the car is not running, and in any gear other than park, the driveshaft spins freely and doesn't drag. Start the horrible thing up, and the driveshaft locks up solid, and when you...