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  1. VEZ LFX V6


    I'm just throwing it out there about EXEDY clutches and how piss weak they are and how they don't back there own warranty. My EXEDY Heavy Duty Sports Tuff Clutch SMF conversion for my 2012 Holden ute 3.6L SIDI that I paid $1,200 for has failed in a big way with less then 20,000KM on it (6 months...
  2. B

    VH Commodore 355

    Here she is. My 1983 VH Commodore with a 355 Stroker, harrop crank and manifold, scat rods, custom pistons, yella terra vn style heads with platinum shaft mounted rockers and 975 BG Carb. Front end is detailed including plated cross member, full nolathane bushings, 90/10 shocks, king springs...
  3. Wagon_Wheel

    Geoff's New WEAPON! Built In 1984..... TUFF!!

    Hey guys, here is my new nugget daily. :thumbsup: Dont lie you know its cool :p Anyway.... Name: Geoff Model: 1984 GK Sigma Colour: Cherry Red Bodykit: None, except for GSR rear spoiler Engine Type: Astron II 2.6ltr Engine Mods: M6 Magna head running a t3/t4 turbo at ~10PSI, boost controller...