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  1. F

    VE v6 tuning and longevity / reliability

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience and feedback regarding tuning a v6 alloytec. I was thinking of getting an OTR, tune, cams and maybe an exhaust (very big maybe on the exhaust). Im not really after power figures as such but just to change up the ride i suppose. I...


    Hey everyone So I have my 2003 VY Calais with factory L67 and recently had the bottom end let go. I decided to buy a new motor instead of fixing mine as it was easier and I got a really good deal. My old motor was stock and the new one fairly modified as far as Mace roller rockers, ls1 valves...
  3. M

    What is the best online aftermarket part shop for my V6 Ecotec N/A

    I’ve heard it’s best to buy from other aftermarket places than eBay they say a lot of companies there scam and What’s the best tuning chip to use and is turbo charging the car worth it? Seen a lot of videos in Aus where the hit above 800Hp also what exhaust is worth buying and That’s about it...
  4. B

    04 VZ - Torque Management

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone knows how I can disable the torque management on the ecu? No I don't want to do this for skids I want to do it cause I like to open it up on the highway a little and it just feels gutless, and can only think that it's the torque management being a pain...
  5. S

    Need tune after diff ratio change

    Hey guys, Ive recently changed the diff ratio in my vx commodore (ls1) from the standard 3.08 to 3.73, so now my speedos out by 18 percent or so and the shift points aren't right. Just wondering if anyone here could suggest a good place to get the speedo sensor ratio retuned to suit the new...
  6. R

    Need help!!!! Urgent

    Basically I blew up my old setup which was an ls1 with a 236/242 Howard's cam and turbo running on e85, if I have pit a bog stock engine back in will the computer run the new donk ????
  7. DeathSammich

    L67 Pulley Size

    I have an l67, recently put on new heads and it's running well with a 3.4" pulley. I plan to put in high ratio rockers and a mini blizzard w2a. My question is do I need a dyno tune to drop to a 3 2" pulley or can i order a mace memcal or a memcal from a reputable l67 tuner? Thanks!
  8. DeathSammich

    Lean Cruise Settings

    What's the best settings for lean cruise? Can I save fuel by setting road speed to say 55 rather than 70 and changing the afrs from 18.1 to 15.4?
  9. D


    Hi everyone I just joined this forum so sorry if this question has been asked before. Does anyone know what muffler/exhaust tips not only improve performance but also give the VZ more of a grow? I want something which is louder but doesn't scream when you put your foot down. Cheers
  10. C

    Haltech interceptor piggyback tuning

    Hey guys, I have recently bought a VYII SS Ute and found out the hard way that I am only getting just over 250klms to a tank of fuel. my ute only has a Haltech interceptor and an exhaust system. really not happy with the poor economy so I am trying to zero out the settings of the interceptor...
  11. V

    VZ Sv6 engine swap (manual)

    So ive been looking around for a new engine for my car and i have to match up the engine codes,but ive been told that i can use the (Auto) 10H7A engine, but do i just have to change the flywheel to a manual one or do i need to get the engine tuned aswell my engine code is 10H7B (manual) cheers
  12. A

    Should I buy the Nitro OBD2 chip

    Hi everyone, I just bought my first Holden Commodore and it needs an ECU chip tuning. I heard about this Nitro OBD2 chip and just wondering should I buy it and install it into my commodore. And what exactly would happen if I install it? Thank you in advance.
  13. H

    ProForm Performance In Perth REVIEWS PLEASE

    Hi I just Bought 2008 VE SSV UTE Manual. Going to install Pacemaker 1 7/8 Headers High Flow Cats And Manta 3" SS Exhaust. I been speaking to few places in perth. Just Wondering How Good ProForm Performance In Midland WA are for Maf Tuning. I never Heard of them, please share your...
  14. D

    how to tune a Vp ute with a twin throttle body

    Hi guys i have a vp ute with a home made twin throttle body and wanted to know how to tune it and stop it idleling so hard thanks
  15. T

    [VIC] Wanted to Buy VCM Suite with GM credits for commodore VE

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: A full licensed copy of VCM Suite Pro with 4 or more credits, complete with the dongle, cables and disk. Looking to pay $100 per credit plus freight. LOCATION: Longwarry Victoria (eastern outskirts of Melbourne). CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK...
  16. B

    Tuning Help (another tuning question...)

    Hi All I need help in tuning my system. Can you give me some sample settings/suggestions - My setup - Focal 4160 amp - powering the sub and front splits Focal 165FX splits Pioneer AVH HU Focal SBP30 sub (ported box) (rear facing) Boot & front doors - Dynamated I like punchy...
  17. P

    Overfueling identification & correction

    Hello, 1996, VS Series II, Commodore Exec. 125,000Km In use as daily drive, it starts & drives well, but fuel use has increased & exhaust tailpipe shows soft substantial black carbon deposits. No obvious oil burning. My guess is fuel is too rich but I am unsure how to easily confirm this...
  18. S

    Tunerpro RT

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction towards setup and use of the Tunerpro RT software with a VY commodore? Any tips and hints is appreciated also any added downloads?
  19. BehaveSS

    Have anyone tried this self tuning package?

    Just wondering if anyone here has tried this on VE? The part that caught my attention is "make optimized performance changes by editing, tuning and reprogramming cars ECU chip data" TOTAL OBD Car Diagnostics & Tuning Software | OBD-2 OBD2 Scan Tool Scanner
  20. J

    any good tunings places in perth or south of for a 04 R8 Clubby?

    hey fellas, just wanting to know if there are any good and priced well places in perth through to bunbury to have my 04 R8 tuned?
  21. sik_VR

    Nissan 180sx Virtual Tuning.

    Original: Chop: Took a bit over a week and over 120 photoshop layers. Enjoy ppls.
  22. N

    VT Servicing/Tuning

    I am not a mechanic. Infact, I am the opposite, a computer tech. I drive a VT 2000 Olympic Edition Commodore, and as far as I am aware, it's basically a Berlina. I've got some free time coming up on a weekend soon, and my car was serviced about 9,000kms ago, so it's round about due for a...
  23. D

    Can you tune a duel fuel car?

    Hi All, I have a question about tuning my duel fuel VZ sedan 2006 (175kw). I've got on order a cold air intake and mace manifold insulators... Soon will be exhaust and extractors (maybe extractors) and that's it really. Most people I've spoken to are unsure on how it works when it...
  24. W

    Cheapest Dyno Tune in Sydney?

  25. klampy

    [NSW] Wolf V500- Suit VN/VP/VR manual

    ITEM: Wolf EMS V500. comes with plug n play harness to suit VN,VP(manual or auto) and VR manual, Computer connector, and Software. LOCATION: Coffs Harbour NSW CONDITION: Near new condition (used for about Half an hour with a laptop) PRICE: $1000. (its on ebay. and bidding started at...
  26. S

    VR GTS 5.7 in VH need ALDL help

    Hey all i put a VR GTS engine in my VH using the factory HSV computer but i used a VN loom, it all runs sweet but im not sure how to hook up an ALDL cable as the VN and VR have a different diagnostic plugs, can any one help?
  27. vn_v6

    complete noob at tuning memcals....

    hi all, i been reading about memcals and tuning and all that, ive searched how to do it myself, cant find much apart from the socket for the memcal, now what exactly do i need as in those EPROM burners or whatever and programs for my pc and whatever else, links and guides would be great :) i...

    backyard tuning black carbed 202

    hi i have a black carbed 202 in a vk and was wondering do you have any easy backyard tuning tips for it just untill i get the cash for a new engine for it thanks