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turbo conversion

  1. D

    LS1 turbo recommendations

    I have just brought my first stock standard 03’ VX commodore LS1 clubsport. I’m keen to build a single turbo’d sleeper using the stock engine as I have a GT 35 sitting in the shed. I’ve run searches and can’t find a simple post that gives answers. Any info on the following recommended upgrades...
  2. G

    V6 to v8 or keep it six so on so on

    Hey all got a couple of vps around my place I'm pulling apart one and not sure where to go with it.And i have a another one which is for work. Any ideas to get the vp that I'm pulling apart would be awesome , I'm hoping to make it 10 second ride yeah. Soo if I was to keep it v6 what would be the...
  3. A

    Want to Turbo my VL !

    Hey guys, I just bought an automatic 86 vl sl with the n/a rb30. I don't have much knowledge when it comes to this stuff, but I would like some tips on what parts I should buy for a cheap DIY way to turbo my n/a vl whilst still being somewhat stable? Or if I should give up and just replace the...
  4. damankerrison09

    [SA] Vl turbo kit

    ITEM: VL TURBO KIT The kit was removed from my VL project car, Because I have decided to go with the N/A Power direction. The kit includes; * 1x Stock VL Turbo exhaust manifold (Had been faced before it was put on the car & has never been used) * 1x...