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  1. K


    so got my car defected tonight for the rear tyres being bold, which is kinda lucky so far because I’m on my ps and have a turbo. I didn’t have my wallet because I lost it the night before and they checked with no mention after they check there sht. My problem is when I take it to get checked for...
  2. J

    Does anyone have a Vl bolt list

    Hey guys im making progress on my vl Its in the works and i have been wondering if anyone has a list of bolts/sizes for the vl? i have seen you can buy a kit but where i work i can just get some of the required bolts i need cheap, before i got pulling out and measuring every bolt i need does...
  3. Vz 6.0 man turbo

    Vz 6.0 man turbo

  4. R

    Need help!!!! Urgent

    Basically I blew up my old setup which was an ls1 with a 236/242 Howard's cam and turbo running on e85, if I have pit a bog stock engine back in will the computer run the new donk ????
  5. K

    Fuel system turbo

    so im turbocharging my vt v6 l36 commodore and what ive got so far is a memcal to suit my cars stock fuel pump with 36lb l67 fuel injectors, i got told by someone today that its not possible to run it without doing other things to the car such as the regulator and an extra fuel pump . I dont...
  6. K

    VT commodore manifold

    so im in he process of getting my manifols setup for a passenger sided turbo and the size im using for my manifold is 1 1/2” sced 40 for the main manifold but would that size be to small for the crossover pipe? Does the crossover pipe have to be a bit bigger because of all 3 cylinders connect to...
  7. K

    Simple question id say about turbo manifold pipe size

    so im turbocharging my vt soon and im in the process of getting my manifold set up, ive got a t3t4 turbo and im not sure what size piping i should use for the manifold im only going to put probally around 7psi or so tops i recon so whats the max you guys think i should go when makin it? The...
  8. Peial

    Vr turbo not starting properly

    Ok so a few months ago my 3.8 decided it would start for about 3 seconds then die. Iv tried duin a diagnostic test but wouldn't even recognse my car even tried paperclip bridge to the connecter but check engine light stayed on. A note is that iv put a turbo on it but it has had no problems...
  9. Alexanders 03 VY Equipe V6TT "Quipie"

    Alexanders 03 VY Equipe V6TT "Quipie"

    Hey All Here's my 2003 VY SER 1 Equipe Project Never thought id own a Commodore but here's goes. Worked as a mechanic when one day this sad poor banged up VY entered the shop, the owner a lovely 23 year old with little big car driving skill ask about a quote on some work which she then points...
  10. Catto12345

    My v6 Vy wagon turbo build

    Its my first time posting so let me know if u have any questions but this is my 04 Vy equipe wagon after having it 3 years after buying as our family car to make into a 6 seater due to extending family after loosing my license I decided I would give the bus a make over 1st I added ss skirts and...
  11. danbran

    single turbo ecotec selection

    started prepping my car for a bit of a turbo setup. the car goes to the odd road course race so looking for something with quick response but still decent power (7-10psi) has anyone here had experience with single turbo ecos? looking at maybe a gt3582r off a XR6 turbo? any other suggestions...
  12. Ethan Bailey

    Turbo swap into a VH Wagon

    Hey guys, New to the forum, so g'day everyone. I'm thinking of purchasing a VH Wagon for a run about car and selling my (don't judge) 2011 FG XR6T Ute so put some money into a house I have just purchased. Has anyone swapped the old carby motor out for an EFI turbo? What is the best motor to...
  13. Hussy

    Thinking of throwing a turbo on

    Wasn't planning on it but brought this few days ago to realise how big it is after putting it next to the engine. Mate says be interesting to see what it makes after I build the engine and tune etc.. I also heard rear mounting is not a bad idea. What's people's opinions?
  14. S

    Ls1 upgrades

    Hey so needing some opinions about puting 317 heads and l98 piston heads and rods in my ls1. ATM just looking at putting a vcm 13 cam, have many people used this if so with what combination of supporting mods and what power, and than looking at force induction when money is saved. Please post...
  15. S

    VE MY10 SV6 Upgrades, Order ? And thoughts please

    Hi All, Long time reader, first time Poster. I have a 2010 VE MY10 SV6 6spd Sports Auto, 3.6L SIDI LF1 has 62,000kms and had my car around 8 months now. I'm upgrading my V6 and please don't post sell it and get a V8 because I simply don't want a V8, I love my sixes I enjoy having a nice car...
  16. S

    VE MY10 SV6 Upgrades, Order ? And thoughts please

    Hi All, Long time reader, first time Poster. I have a 2010 VE MY10 SV6 6spd Sports Auto, 3.6L SIDI LF1 has 62,000kms and had my car around 8 months now. I'm upgrading my V6 and please don't post sell it and get a V8 because I simply don't want a V8, I love my sixes I enjoy having a nice car...
  17. J

    304 need help with turbo/superchargers

    Ok so iv got a 1995 vs senator (304) mostly stock and im thinking of going single/twin turbos maybe supercharger my goal is around 410hp i just need advice on what i should go and what price im looking at My brother has a vr v6 with a turbo but its all apart right now so he knows about that...
  18. Commo_Carl


    Hey guys, Thought i'd share this video for anyone wanting to know how to install an aftermarket adjustable fuel pressure regulator (mainly for the guys running boost like myself) - though can be done purely for aesthetics ;) This was done on my 300rwkw+ custom turbo VR V6 Turbo Ute, though this...
  19. T

    Vn v6 rear main seal

    So i know theres alot of threads on this but I recently done my rear main seal and took it for a drive and its still leaking, wondering will it leak at idle? Just wondering if i can leave it running and watch for a leak to make sure its the rear main [/URL][/IMG]
  20. Ddridan

    My VZ R8 Clubby build

    Just thought I'd show my VZ R8 build to you all, after seeing some damn nice cars on here. I picked up my clubby in August 2015 in Melbourne, then drove it back to Darwin in 4 days. when I bought it was cammed, shaved heads and exhaust, making a touch over 300rwkw. after enjoying it for a few...
  21. T

    VL turbo gearbox.. N/A or Turbo, pics attached.

    Gday fellas, In the pics attached, is this a n/a or turbo box? how to tell?
  22. Ddridan

    427ci turbo suggestions

    Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of building a low compression 427ci for my VZ Clubsport and wanted a few tips on turbo set up. I'm not chasing 1200hp, but would like to see 600-700 through a TH400. I recently had a look at a kit that used 1-1/2" steam pipe headers with 4-1 merger and...
  23. Brad094

    Vy Turbo

    Hey guys, recently been thinking about turbo charging my 2004 vy ute. It's in mint condition and don't want to upgrade to a newer ute. Would I be better off upgrading to a V8 or spending some time and effort and chucking a turbo under the hood??
  24. B

    [Ecotec] water/methanol injection on low boost with standard tune.

    Hi everyone, Basically to start off with i live in Alice springs. so everything you buy you pay an arm and a leg for. I own a VX Series 2 Wagon with an ecotec and am wanting to turbocharge it. I dont want flame like it costs heaps and there's lots of custom fab etc etc etc. i know what im...
  25. xDriiftPrincess

    [QLD] WTB: 3.8L Ecotec Turbo Complete Kit

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to buy ITEM: Complete turbo kit to suit a 3.8L V6 Ecotec. LOCATION: Logan Surrounds. Will Travel. CONDITION: good. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will travel a reasonable distance for pickup. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: Looking...
  26. Ddridan

    L98 Bottom mount turbo systems?

    Hi, I have been looking around and I have found many twin turbo setups, but not many single turbo setups, and no bottom mounts. The reason I'm asking for info on bottom mounts is that they look way neater than cluttering the engine bay. I'd like any info on good brands to look out for or whether...
  27. C

    Vk commodore

    Was wondering If I would be able to turbo a 3.8 l v6 vk 1986,and what turbo would be best.
  28. S

    VL turbo or supercharge

    i have a vl calais, RB30 (manual obviously) and im looking for some recommendations on superchargers or turbos as well as what ill need to do so and the problems i should look out for. thanks
  29. T

    Project 12s Turbo VT V6

    Hi, thought id start a project thread about my VT V6 turbo project. The car is just a base model, auto, 250K kms and in rather average condition but hey it was cheap and a perfect car to use for an R&D mule. Not planning on going overboard spending big coin on brand name parts this will all be...
  30. Dirty30

    Vu ute reving high when changing gears< MANUAL

    Hi there Having some trouble with my 2001 Vu ute V6 manual Say when changing from 3rd to 4th I accelerate in 3rd to 3000rpm then push clutch in and let off the throttle it stays around 3000rpm (sometimes slightly increasing) and doesnt drop untill i change to 4th, when i accelerate...
  31. T

    Holset turbo on vn 5l

    Just wondering if anyone out there has put a holset turbo ( hx35 or hx40) on there 5l and if so how does it handle it and what other mods have you had to do for it.
  32. iaydemir

    [VIC] 2004 Audi A4 S-Line Quattro!

    ITEM: 2004 B6 Audi A4 S-Line Quattro PRICE: 16K ONO LOCATION: South Melbourne, Victoria YEAR: 2004 SERIES: B6 A4 BADGE: S-Line Quattro ENGINE: 1.8 Litre Turbo TRANSMISSION: 6-Speed Manual COLOUR: Atlas Grey EXTERIOR CONDITION: Excellent INTERIOR CONDITION: Excellent WHEELS: 17" S-Line...
  33. DriftVC

    Vl n/a - vlt

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of slapping a turbo on the VL. Just wondering if it is a must to swap over the ECU when a turbo is added, or does the N/A ECU have the capability to slightly adjust air/fuel to accommodate boost?
  34. S

    Car nerds I need ya help!!!

    Hi there everyone, I am in need of a little guidance, I have an 89 navara with a 3.8l manual out of a vn in it. I have saved up $5000 and wanted to give it a birthday of a single turbo setup running as much boost as possible! I have no idea where to start or what exactly is required to boost the...
  35. V

    Stealth rear mount turbo ! Where can I get it tuned?

    I'm building a rear mount turbo kit for my 5 speed vt v6 that will run 5-7 psi, where can I get a tune or memcal ? In Melbourne btw! Btw I'll make a thread on how to build a stealth rear mount turbo kit( engine bay looks 100% stock ;) but yeah, want a cheap tune for basics such as l67 injectors...
  36. Commo_Carl

    [VR-VS] How to install high ratio roller rockers from MACE

    Finally bought some MACE 1.9 high ratio roller rockers the other day. They are very easy to install and make a HUGE difference, especially on turbo applications. Got them for about $600 and they state on a stock motor you will see gains from 13-16kw, id say on turbo apps you'll see more like...
  37. D

    In the hunt for some GRUNT!

    Hey guys. I have an RB30 N/A sitting in my shed on a stand waiting for me to tear it to pieces. Now initially I had planned to simply strip it down and give it a basic rebuild for two reasons. 1- The motor hasnt exactly had the easiest of lives, so it could probably do with one. 2 - Ive need...
  38. iaydemir

    [VIC] Microtech LT10s with basic ecotec turbo map. Comes with wiring diagram from Microtech

    ITEM: Mircotech LT10s LOCATION: Vic, Northern Suburbs CONDITION: Used, Excellent PRICE: 750 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up / Posted PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on pick up / Paypal CONTACT DETAILS: SMS 0421499010 OTHER INFO: Microtech is basically brand new, was plugged in once by...
  39. X

    [XC1TE] Jake

    Name - Jake Car - Vs Exec S2 Engine - Ecotec 3.6, 2.5 Lukey Exhaust, Pacemaker Extractors, Chipped, Rebuilt at 175,000, Now 198,000 Suspension - Lows All Round Wheels - 16" Million Rims, Painted Black, Sport Tyres, Red Walls Interior - Standard Interior Audio - Pinoneer...
  40. damankerrison09

    [SA] GT35/40 .82 Rear Turbo

    ITEM: GT35/40 .82 Garrett Copy turbo LOCATION: Sa Adelaide. CONDITION: New PRICE: $700 ono.. No stupid offers! DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Local pickup, will help with interstate post. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer CONTACT DETAILS: Please call or text...