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  1. V

    VZ Where does the dash tweeter connect in the dash? (With Diagram)

    I am wondering about the connection between the back of the head unit and the dash tweeter(And coincidently the door speaker on the same circuit) According to a wiring diagram, there is nothing more than a simple electrical connection happening there. I have provided a wiring diagram of what...
  2. S

    VE Speaker upgrade

    Hi all, first time poster here. I'm looking to increase volume and bass in my 2010 VE Berlina wagon on a budget. I was looking at installing a 4ch amp with high level input instead of installing a LOC and low level input amp. Then replacing the front and rear speakers with Pioneer G1645R ($45...
  3. Gilly91

    Installing aftermarket tweeters VS II ute

    Hi, I am trying to install a set of splits in my VS ute and wanted to put the tweeters in the stock location. I tried and tried but could not work out how to remove the plastic covers on the dash where the air con comes out on to the windscreen. I removed the side panel of the dash (also...

    Subwoofer with tweeters?

    Gotta a guy selling me some subs and he said that he has ' Dual 10inch subs with tweeters ' . He said that the tweeters are connected to his car and he said i'll probably need to use his 12 inch Clarion sub to give the car some *doof doof* as he said the dual 10inch subs make the music louder as...