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twin throttle body v6

  1. H

    Vn V6 Buick twin throttle body adaptor searching

    im currently putting my HSV back together and also dropping a spare v6 buick into a gemini and came across this pic of twin throttle bodies on a gemi, any idea if this setup is a once off or available? cant seem to find any others? cheers
  2. LM8185

    [NSW] Mace Ecotec V6 Twin Throttle TTB

    Hey all, I have a used Mace Engineering Twin Throttle Body Manifold with 2x 69mm TB's for sale. It was fitted to my car for about 5 months, but I had to take it off as the supercharger (Raptor) I purchased would not fit with the TTB manifold on. Once fitted, ideally the vehicle should...
  3. 6

    6cylpwr's VK