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twin throttle

  1. danbran

    VS ute twin throttle body, and power mods?

    Hi, ive just started to modify my ute! its fair good condition and i want to start making parts! I am in the middle making a twin throttle body for it with modified intake out of alloy! when it is finished I need some advice! whats next? do i get a tune? do i wait to put new rockers and...
  2. R

    Hidden project sorry boys

    Updated project vs twin throttle v6 I have been a bit selfish i have been hiding this for a while my 96 vs berlina v6 PARTS ALREADY BOUGHT *TWIN THROTTLE MANIFOLD (FITTED) *CLUTCH PEDDLE BOX (FITTED) *MANUAL LOOM *T5 GEARBOX *H/D CLUTCH *CLUTCH CABLE *BOSCH BLUETOP INJECTORS...