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twin turbo

  1. M

    Aftermarket ecu wiring diagram

    Can anyone help with a wiring diagram for a link ECU (or similar ECU) into a VR 3.8 engine with twin turbos in my vn circuit car?? Had 300kw with remapped stock ECU before we enlarged the turbos, intake and exhaust. Engine is built to Buick turbo specs. Now gone to electronic boost control and...
  2. S

    3.0L SIDI Twin Turbo

    Does anyone know of, or has anyone seen a 3.0l sidi omega turbocharged?
  3. moocow

    VS V6 twin turbo 4.2L stroker build thread

    Hi all, Yesterday I picked up my new toy. It's an unregistered VT with a smashed rear window, really shotty body work and three chrome rims XD So why buy it? Ok; - 4.2L Stroker - Two turbos - Intercooler - Custom intake - Oil catch can (Think that's what it's called) - Blow off valve...
  4. phat_6ltr

    Gen TT or ASE TT kit? or Supercharger?

    Just been doing a bit of searching on the intermaweb and starting to like the idea of a twin turbo kit over a PD blower I had in mind, seems like a whole heap more power and nicely hidden too.. my Q's are: 1) is it possible to pass rego etc with a TT kit on a VE SS in NSW 2) has anyone on...
  5. barra218

    People say funny things

    My brother (vx s pack) came to me this arv and goes, Oi, i can get 1000 Hp outa my car for $6000, Im like, who told you that?....... Ebay he reckons. Hate to burst ya bubble buddy... Haha, post some more funny **** people say!
  6. Disturbed_vegeta

    1989 Midnight Blue R32 GT-R

    Specs; 1989 Model BNR32 GT-R Midnight BLue RB26DETT Mods; Blitz Mesh air filters and pods Splitfire Coil Packs Mspec 50mm Alloy radiator Momo wheel on HKB Boss M's Factory Boost controller HSD HR Coilovers UAS Big front rotor kit, inc billet caliper spacer (from a...
  7. J

    Vt v6 tt

    VT Twin Turbo V6 (Version 3) thought id share a project that i have just finished.. i have background working with Evo lancers and old VR4's so thought id shove all that technology under a commo bonnet.. after seein IBLOWN's set up.... thought id give it a go.... its a VT commo with GTR...
  8. Chris E

    Twin Turbo Advice

    Hey guys I am going to be going twin turbo on my Vr V6 in the next few weeks (once I get my daily sorted). I've bought a kit from a guy with a Vp ute who built it as a project but it never got fully completed, it had a base tune and ran but no exhausts after the turbos. The kit...
  9. iShane

    Twin Turbo VL

    How hard and how expensive is it to Twin Turbo a VL stock RB30, or convert to another twin turbo engine, and would it be reliable, or wouldnt it last. Rough Estimate Price. Just wondering. Cheers boys Shane : )