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type r

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    sub is clipping bottoming out? help? AMP MIGHT BE STUFFED?

    So i have got myself two type r subs both are dvc 4 ohms, one sub is 600rms the other is 500 rms and im using a mrp-m1000 alpine amp to power them. I have wired the subs to 4 ohms so the subs together shouldnt be seeing more than 500 rms which they should be able to handle double when put...
  2. V

    Audio help!

    hey guys just a quick question, do i need an amp to run alpine type R speakers?
  3. D

    Amp for Type R

    i know i have posted a few times in the last week but im finding it hard to come to a conclusion. i have an Alpine SWR-1242D type R 12' sub - the 4 ohm version and i need to find a suitable amp for running just this sub, i know i need a mono block but that's all i really know. im looking...