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  1. A

    Best type of shock

    Not sure if this is the right area to post this, but I have a 2003 vy ss commodore that has always had a scraping problem on the rear right tyre. I have had the springs upgraded to the double SL heavy duty king springs which are a huge help but at times I've seen the height from my tyres to...
  2. A

    Vx executive commodore gearbox type

    I have an automatic vx executive commodore series 1 with a cracked gearbox housing. I need to buy a replacement but I'm not sure of the type of gearbox that is in it. I was told to look on the passengers side through the engine bay and I will see a sticker that says either 6hdd, 5hdd or 4hdd...
  3. apoc585

    What do you prefer?

    Ok so im in the process of planning wat to do with my Maloo so i thought id ask around to see wat others liked while i was at it. Basically what do you prefer in general? Standard: Stock/Original with very minimal modifications Updated: Exterior changes without going over the top(like...