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  1. J

    2014 VF SS Series 1 Sedan

    Hey, Looking for suggests on some good rim suggestions to run at 19” or maybe 20” on some coil overs on a 2014 Series 1 VF SS Holden Commodore Sedan - probably on the Michelin Prost Sport 4. Aftermarket handling upgrade suggestion really appreciated. I like aftermarket and want to eventually...
  2. J

    Recommended Tyres for 2014 VF SS Sedan

    Hey all, New to the world of commodores, as well as high powered vehicles (I bought VF SS with a few minor mods and a sports tune), and am nearing the point of requiring my first new set of tyres. I haven't got a fortune to spend, but I'm not stupid enough to go for re-treads, and I haven't got...
  3. Ta Moo

    Problem: News Tyres, air compressor

    I went to change my old Tyre to news. But later when I pick up and went to servo for pressure checking. Because it look bad, if Tyre look alright. I wouldn't check the pressure. the 3 Tyre was nearly fk the rim. And one seem to be in good psi. Then put a hose in. Wow, don't know what happen...
  4. B

    Will it rub

    So I’ve just bought some new rims and wheels for my 2016 vf series 2 sv6 black edition commodore.. they’re 20” rims but the place where out of stock for 35’s for the wheels so got offered half price for 45’s.. Will it rub?
  5. A

    VY SS Ute Rear Camber Kit

    Hi all, I have a VY SS Ute that was lowered by the previous owner, the rear tyres are wearing on the inside bad! A while back I got my tyres replaced and alignment done at The Tyre Factory, they told me I needed a camber kit, but for one reason or another, I had to postpone. But now I am due...
  6. K

    Vertini dynasty 20” fitment

    Would 20” and 10”wide vertini dynasty rims with 255/35R20 fit on a ve sv6 Ute? What size hub centric rings would you have to use so the center bore of the wheel matches the hub of a ve? And what would be a good offset for the wheel?
  7. M

    Spare Tyre Difference

    As I went outside for a cigarette I noticed the front passenger tyre on the VT Wagon was flat. However the tyres on the car are 215/60R15 and the spare is 205/65R15. So I was wounding if it's okay to place a different size tyre to the others on the car, I drive a lot during the day for work so...
  8. adam sv6

    Steering wobble

    Ill give you guys the symptoms and conditions and please help me determine what's going on here... Two sets of tyres, new rotors and pads changed last year, front passenger wheel is always wearing waaaay too quick, braking between 70 and above cause the steering wheel to wobble. Wobbling...
  9. Shorty33

    Westlake tyres on a VE ?

    The distributor of Westlake tyres (made in China) is making a push into Darwin, and had a stand at the local Camping & Caravan Show. He gave me the following prices - 245-45-18 for $195 each 225-60-16 for $145 each. I'm using 16-inch rims with the usual Bridgestones, and I'm happy enough...
  10. JSVSouth

    Effects of wrongly inflated tyres

    Hi guys, Recently I noticed my stock 3.8 auto had been absolutely guzzling the fuel. I checked the trip computer, and it was giving an average consumption of 21l/100km which is ridiculous, considering I never rev it over 3000rpm. After a couple days of grandpa driving, it went down to...
  11. S

    More GRIP!!

    Hey guys quick question... Tyres? Trying to minimalise wheel spin get myself a little more stick when I put my foot down, sick of the traction control telling me off :P for an 08 SV6 Ute Anyone else put wider tyres on one of these or an SS in the case theyre the same, stick running on stock...
  12. T

    Rim Sizes for Commodore VZ

    Hey guys. I just got a VZ Commodore and I was thinking about getting some new rims and tire for my car. The rims that I wanted look pretty cool but I cant find on the internet the bolt pattern for my car. The size of the rim and bolt pattern is just below Size :20x8 Offset...
  13. JAKE-26

    [VIC] WTB: 1 18 inch tyre *255/35/18* needs to have tread

    ITEM: wanting 1 tyre that is 255/35/18, not bald obviously PRICE: offers LOCATION: vic, croydon, 3136 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can come pick it up if it's not too far away PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, whatever CONTACT DETAILS: thread, PM, 0432 058 513 OTHER INFO: Just went to...
  14. BigBoss

    Best cheapo tyres?

    Hey all, I am in the market for some cheap tyres for my omega witch i have got some VE SS rims for, I don't expect real high performance just a tyre that want break the bank as i am a uni student, any suggestions? Oh and is this the correct size 245/45/18?
  15. BakeTheTank

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - Problem

    Hey guys, I picked up my '04 VY Series II S Commodore, last year around september, and this little device came with it. I have no idea how to work it, or what model it is, considering there is no model number and i never received a manual either. So anyone have an idea how to work...
  16. Z

    VS Berlina makes Creaking Noises while driving

    This is my 1st post ever. Ive a VS Berlina and I lowered it with pedders springs some time back and I love how low she looks. Anyway the problem is and I assume from it being lowered is ive stressed the steering/suspension/struts a bit. The car when i turn and more noticably on the left side...
  17. V

    rear tyres wearing way too quickly

    Hey guys, i recently got a gas tank installed on my vx executive. At the same time, i also happened to replace all four tyres. Everything seemed to be going fine until last night my right rear tyre popped. when i was replacing it, i noticed that the inside tread of the tyre had completely...
  18. blindworld1

    Behind spare tyre -- need help

    In my 1995 Berlina VS behind the spare tyre there are 2 black vents or something and there shakin wen i use my subs and it makes em sound baaaadddd Can anyone tell me what they are and if its safe to take em out thanx in advance Cyaa http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=izmj5d&s=5