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ultra low

  1. amos_executive

    [WA] King Spring SSSL(ultra low) rear, SSL front & GT Monroe Sport Short shocks **SOLD**

    ITEM: King Spring SSSL(ultra low) rear, SSL front & GT Monroe Sport Shortened Shocks LOCATION: Perth CONDITION: Used, but great condition PRICE: chasing 400 but make me an offer, am willing to sell springs/shocks seperate DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will deliver at buyers cost PAYMENT...
  2. MR 1JZ

    Shocks to suit Ultra Low Springs...suggestions?

    Hi Im putting my ute through regency this week and I want to put some short stroke shocks in it when I swap the ultra low springs back in as the stock shocks in it ride like a bag of dicks! What are you guys running to suit ultralow springs? (havent confirmed my car is running ultralows...
  3. Kierab

    [NSW] WTB: Front Ultra Low springs for a VS sedan, live axle.

    DESCRIPTION:/ Wanted to Buy / ITEM: Front ultra low springs for a vs sedan. LOCATION: Northshore of NSW, Hornsby, Chatswood, etc... CONDITION:used, new would be nice though DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: i can arrange postage, or if your close ill drive. PAYMENT OPTIONS: cash, paypal if you...
  4. KeaganKaotic

    Project VN ... Help on mods!!?

    G'day guys, just picked up a cheap VN off a deceased estate for $750 which runs great! Going to be a project car. Here is a pic of my old VN, which I cut the springs in - (took off 3.5 coils): Illegal, dangerous and too low. So for this new one, I've gotten a deal my old mans friend who's...
  5. faBReGaS

    [VIC] WTS: my 2 rear king springs SSL for 2 rear king springs SL on VY. **SOLD**

    DESCRIPTION: Swap/Trade ITEM: I would like to swap my 2 rear King Springs Ultra Lows for a couple of Super Lows. They are off a VY SS and are in very good condition. LOCATION: Melbourne, Victoria CONDITION: Used. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will pay for shipping costs if from...
  6. ANL53X

    VT/VX Ultra Low Springs. Few questions i have....

    I am going to lower my car soon and am undecided whether to go for ultra lows or super lows. I would go ultras in a heartbeat, but and curious is the rear guards would need to be rolled, how much it will scrape, and how effectively a 4 point camber kit is going to work at reducing the notorious...