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ultra lows

  1. Kierab

    Getting a bolt off the shock, yeah fun!

    So I'm pretty much stuck on this one bolt and I am yet to discover what I am doing wrong. The more I try the more worn down the edges get so If I f*ck it here, seems like its all going back in and I have to give up. Pretty annoyed. Ive compressed the springs down and from what I read in...
  2. J

    Holden ve sv6 ultra low springs

    Hey all is it possible for anyone to upload photos on a Holden sv6 on ultra lows? I want to see the height
  3. Scheme

    Ultra Lows or Supers?

    Car is this high atm stock. Already have lowered Monroe GT Gas shocks, just gotta decide between Super Low King Springs or Ultra Lows. 17'' VR SS Rims are going on in a months time. The Superlows I can get bring it down 30mm. I dont however know how low Ultra Low Rear VN King Springs for a...
  4. faBReGaS

    [VIC] WTS: my 2 rear king springs SSL for 2 rear king springs SL on VY. **SOLD**

    DESCRIPTION: Swap/Trade ITEM: I would like to swap my 2 rear King Springs Ultra Lows for a couple of Super Lows. They are off a VY SS and are in very good condition. LOCATION: Melbourne, Victoria CONDITION: Used. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will pay for shipping costs if from...
  5. preston_e

    Do i NEED a adjustable panhard rod (help?)

    I've been looking at getting a set of Ultra low for the back of the vp. Just double checking if i need a adjustable panhard rod?? and what would happin if i didn"t put the adjustable rod in??? I was speaking to Greg from GLS Rrally Sport and he says: any comments or advice from...
  6. JBoags

    Vy.. Ultra low springs wot drop.

    Hey.. I got a vy exec i put a set of ultra lows in the back myself last night. Yet to fit the front ones wich are also ultra lows. After fiting the back to and taking it if the jack it only dropped 50 mm if that. Still sittin bout 20 mm from top of tyre on stock rim. Is there anything i...