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  1. ReaperTBS

    2010 Calais - Head Unit

    Hi all, I've checked the manual, checked online, and checked in person, but still can't seem to determine exactly what model my head unit is in my 2010 Calais. I think it's the series 1 "IQ" head unit, but i'm honestly not sure. I'm considering changing head units, primarily because (due to...
  2. AlexR

    Double DIN in single DIN space.

    as the title suggests, I want to fit a Double DIN unit into a single DIN space, I've seen it before on the same model (VR) but my main question is what are the things involved in doing this? Cheers
  3. sik_VR

    93 VR Berlina Head Unit

    I just got a head unit but I don't know how to get the dash and the face off.
  4. S

    VY Head Unit Removal

    I bought my new sound system but am not going to put it all in at once because I have no idea what I am doing and I don't have money left to get it installed by a pro. Instead I just want to take it one piece at a time, starting with the head unit. I tried once and failed at removing it, I read...