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  1. J

    Where to purchase Di Filippo (Manta Pro Series) Exhausts in SA?

    Hi, I’m looking at doing a complete intake and exhaust haulover/repair/dyno with my VF Series 1 VF (L77 Engine). I’ve already got a crap Chinese OTR CAI and factory sports exhaust fitted, but want to really go all the way I can to improve performance/sound beforeI give it a new cam and dyno...
  2. J

    Diff housing

    Hey guys, I’m having talks about who and where to get my diff upgrade done, and to keep costs low on both the labour and parts the guy I’m likely to go through suggested sourcing my own new/better diff housing for its intended use and to prevent a housing blowout should I end up doing what I...
  3. J

    VF Holden SS Commodore Handling/Suspension upgrades

    Hey guys, About to launch into the world of car modifications with few rotors and pads, intake and full engine back exhaust, with a tune of course. Alongside this, I am also hoping to get a Kaaz differential in 3.75 or 3.9 - looking for some opinions there - and expected prices. I bought my...
  4. J

    Coilovers benefits versus drawbacks in SA

    Hey guys, I’m making some progressive performance and handling upgrades to 2014 Series 1 Holden VF SS Commodore Sedan. Looking to make some progressive performance and handling upgrades to my above mentioned car, and looking for suggestions on good handling upgrades to consider for my car, and...
  5. J

    VF SS Sedan Suspension Upgrade.

    Hey. I live m in southern suburbs SA. What’s the a decent amount to pay and quality to expect for a coilover or any other suggested handling upgrade for a 2014 Series 1 VF Holden SS Commodore Sedan. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  6. J

    Brake/suspension upgrades in Adelaide

    Hey guys, Looking for advice on what and where to get some initial mods done to my new (second hand) VF SS (L77 auto motor). Figuring I should start with making sure i have a stable ride and can stop with confidence. I have between about $2k - $5k to spend on just the brakes and suspension...
  7. J

    Basic modifications

    Hey guys, I’m fresh to the group and forum here, having just bought my first decent car. VF SS Auto Sedan with just under 90k on the clock. Looking for some advice on some baseline/starting modifications that I could get done to make it more of a sleeper. Also if anyone knows of a good place...
  8. D

    Clutch Recommendations

    I'm starting to need a new clutch in my 2010 L77 SS-V. Just after peoples advice on which clutch to choose. I've been looking at the Exedy twin-plate organic which is about $2800 installed. Other people have suggested Z-grip's or NPC's - no idea on how much or where to get these. The car will...
  9. A

    Upgrading from VE to VF

    I'm looking at possibly upgrading from a 2006 Calais 3.6 to a VF II SV6 or Calais 3.6 - my new job is very heavy on driving and I'm considering the upgrade for the sake of reliability. I've had my VE for 2 years and it's now approaching 12 years old (137,000km) - has been mostly reliable but has...
  10. L

    How to upgrade my Holden commodore vp executive?

    Hey guys I wanna upgrade my vp don’t want to spend to much money at the moment I just wanna upgrade it’s performance a bit and have a bit of fun gotta start somewhere what do you guys recommend Thanks !!! **edit** Here is a photo 3.8l V6
  11. Seamust

    Calais V puddle and door light upgrade

    Hey just wondering if anyone has changed the bulbs in the mirrors and doors and if so how did you get to the lights and what bulbs did they take ? Thanks
  12. E

    VF SSV 2014 L77 Upgrade / Mod

    Hi All, I'm looking at upgrading my 2014 SSV VF Commodore (Auto) and have very limited experience/knowledge other than what I've researched to get me to this point... I have recently upgraded my cat back to 3 inch Xforce and now looking at getting the Xforce 1 7/8" 4 into 1, OTR Intake Kit...
  13. M

    Need advice

    Hey ladies and gents, so I've just been called out by a mate for a drag race and I'm not sure if I'll take the win and I can't lose to a falcon. So my question is, what can I do to my vz wagon to gain an edge in a couple of days with limited money that wont damage my car
  14. alba81

    Ve Calais V AFM DOD delete kit

    Hi fellas how use all doin? I need some help and advice its my first post I don't really know much that's why I'm here anyways I have a 2010 Ve Calais V AFM L76 motor in Automatic I wanna install the AFM DOD delete kit to make it a true V8 but the kits say you need to upgrade your cam to a...
  15. K

    3.6L sportswagon power?

    anyone have any ideas on how to push abit more power out of a 3.6L sidi sportswagon with out spending tones of money.
  16. B

    Help with headunit

    hi im new here and I own a 2013 SV6 VF Ute. I would like to get Apple car play put in somehow. What would I need to get or could someone suggest something for me? What’s the best way to go about it. The car currently has the mylink but I would like to update with CarPlay and stuff. Thanks :)
  17. D

    Is there an adapter mount to sute Brembo VF Redline calipers to fit VY?

    Looking for any help. I want to upgrade my VY SS standed front brakes with VF Brembo Redline calipers (whitch I have already). Once I have the calipers fitted I will scouse the appropriate discs. I would like to know "for now" if anyone has done this upgrade? If so how did you mount them, is...
  18. T

    Upgrading to level 2 cluster in VP

    went to upgrade my cluster today in VP vacationer and I had a VN lvl 2 cluster, after plugging it didn't work! Do I need a VP lvl 2 cluster?
  19. A

    IQ Upgrade HCU Reprogramming

    I'm currently in the process of upgrading my Series 1 Omega from the non colour screen head unit to a GPS IQ unit from Gumtree. Have been lurking here and carmodder.com.au for awhile, but have gotten stuck and was hoping for some help. So far I have managed to make a wiring adaptor, reprogram my...
  20. C

    Repairing And Upgrading VX Calais

    Hey all, I have been neglecting my VX and letting lots of things pile up and I need some help/advice on the best way to go about fixing these issues. The Car is Tungsten Series I VX CALAIS 2000 V6 3.8L. The list of problems as far as I can tell are: Airbag light lights up on the dash, I have...
  21. T

    42lb/440cc injectors ecotech v6 supercharged

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone would know a compatible part number to suit a supercharged v6 ecotech want something 42lb/440cc or bigger if possible cant seem to find a part number that would be compatible. Thanks in advance
  22. S

    Auto Dimming Homelink Mirror - Upgrade

    Hi Guys, performed an upgrade over the weekend, i was getting sick of replacing batteries in my garage door opener so I ordered a homelink Auto dimming mirror from the US. I use to have auto dimming mirror in my previous car but the calais lacked it. Easy mod that took about 30 Mins. Cost...
  23. W

    VX/VU Indicator Stalk Upgrade

    Hi, I have a 2001 VU S pac manual and I love it but it is only a series 1 and it has the big chunky wiper/indicator stalks on it.. I believe that the series 2 has the nicer ones (like a VY/VZ). If I bought a set of these, would they be a straight swap for mine? And would everything work...
  24. S

    Suspension / wheel upgrade options help

    Hey guys new to the commodore scene here an need a bit of help in regards to the options of upgrading the shocks and springs on the VX berlina. Its dead stock and I'm wanting to run the following setup: Running on 15" stockies all round with a firm yet comfortable ride as low as i can without...
  25. S

    Cluster/dash LED upgrade

    been looking around for new cluster/dash lights for my vx commodore, i recently just jumped on ebay and bought some cluster led's to see how they went assuming led's are brighter than incandescent usually i just grabbed the cheapest and most promising ended up grabbing some T5 globes with a...
  26. L

    Ve audio upgrade s2 sv6 wagon

    Hey guys some some quick questions, I was going to replace the stock speakers and run the new ones off an amp. So the amp I got given off a mate it has some hi level inputs but also has RCA inputs? 1.Do you think I should install a line out Converter and use the RCAS or just use the high...
  27. L

    L67 mods need advice.

    Hey guys. I plan on putting a 2.8inch (16psi) pulley for my Vt 98. Im getting the funds together and will be getting MACE's A2A intercooler kit and i would like to know other possible upgrades down the track before the pulley is installed and the tune is done. thanks in advance
  28. U

    Ve omega dual exhaust

    hi guys, im looking at upgrading my exhaust on my VE omega. ive been looking at the package from jh-p in particular where they put a full exhaust system from a ss onto the omega. my question is. do any of you guys know someone that does this on the western side of Melbourne as jh-p don't...
  29. I

    BCM Upgrade

    Hi, I was wondering if the BCM's in the VZ are compatible with each other, i.e. I have a 961 MID BCM and was wondering if a 962 high/lux would just plug and play. Ive had a look and the plugs look like they are exactly the same but was wondering if the loom is the same. Last thing i want to do...
  30. J

    ve exhaust

    hey guys need a few questions i dont know off 1 can a 2012 series 2 ve ss twin sedan exhaust fit a 2008 series ve omega sedan i know ill need a heat sheld and bracket and bottom rear bumper twin slot facia 2 are normal genuine ve headlight not the projector ones do they give better...
  31. gremlin007

    VE Berlina Please Help me with my Audio Setup

    Hi Guys I'm new here, this is an awesome forum. I recently purchsed a 2009 Holden VE Berlina with 30,000kms on the clock (from a family friend) And the first thing I want to do is upgrade the audio system ... I'm a Noob please bear with me (Just the Speakers) and keep the current Head Unit...
  32. S

    Help! HSV brakes onto VE SS

    Hi guys I have gotten my hands on some HSV 4 pot brakes (only calipers & rotors) from a VE Senator, and am going to fit them on my VE SS. Has anyone done this before? Can I use the same lines? I have braided lines so don't want them to go to waste. Do I have to buy caliper mounting brackets...
  33. M

    VY 3.8l V6...Exhaust upgrade help!

    Looking to upgrade my stock system...wondering what the best option is. Looking at just a cat back for now but maybe headers down the track. What brand system will give a good sound that wont drone too much? Have looked at Redback, Xforce and Lukey...I am looking to go Xforce Mandrel bent...
  34. P

    unsure about Fuel pump swap

    whats up? i've just been looking around on the internet and saw alot of videos and things where people have put a v8 fuel pump in their ecotec. was just wondering id there's any noticable gains when driving the car if i did that or if i'd need to do work to the engine? also i own a 2001 vx...
  35. adam sv6

    [VIC] Wanted - VE V8 front brake assembly

    ITEM: VE V8 front brake callipers (more specifically the front calliper "anchors" ... read other info for description) LOCATION: Victoria (western suburbs) CONDITION: New/used PRICE: 0-50 ... depends on condition really DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will go to pick up or arrange to...
  36. D

    Upgrade stereo install ve omega

    Hey guys, Been trying to do some research about this but what I am looking at doing is upgrading the stereo in my omega partly due too the HVAC playing up. Do I need to get the new HVAC that comes with the headunit reprogrammed to work in my car or could I just do the straight swap? Thanks :)
  37. Owned

    [NSW] Holden by design vz sv6 commodore - high output 250 hp

  38. pommyVL

    2001 VX SS - Help with performance!!

    Hey guys, I have a VXSS (auto :spew:) that I love and enjoy to drive. I recently drove a VYSS manual, and it drove absolutely perfectly - fast precise, i just had a totally different experience driving it, and was left thinking about why mine didnt have the same effect?? It wasnt just...
  39. N

    Differance Between 05 VZ Clubsport & 05 Clubsport R8

    g'day guys .. im looking at purchasing a 05 VZ Clubsport R8, and im wondering what's the exact difference between the upgrade of R8 and Stock Clubsport other than price. I know there's like leather seats, gauges , larger wheels larger brakes & sport'er suspension, you see well this is what i...
  40. M

    Brake Booster???

    Hey Guys, I've just fit a VT Twin Piston upgrade onto my VK Commodore and now I'm almost ready to setup the booster, I have a VS Master and Booster but I've heard that the VT master is a much better option. What I would like to know is there really that much of a difference between the VS and...