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  1. Jimray1

    BCM change

    Hey guys just need some help, if I change my BCM(current one is faulty) to another BCM with the same number(212 mid) do I need to change my key still or will it be straight plug and play
  2. C

    URGENT 2001 vx manual idle problem

    Im looking for help as my 2001 vx V6 5 speed manual idles higher then normal, when started it idles at about 1500 for a bit even with clutch fully pushed in, several mechanics cant seem to help and it has me confused can anyone of you help me, i will give more details if needed
  3. jamie tsagliotis

    Coolant leak

    Hey guys found a coolant leak just after what the part is called? Its to the left of the water pump and under the alternator with its hose connecting to the heat tap. Also would it be best to replace the part or just sealing it. Thanks heaps guys
  4. F

    URGENT HELP 2002 v6 manual vx commodore

    really need a tutorial video on how too change the head gasket on my 2002 manual v6 vx commodore CANNOT FIND ANY TUTORIALS OR PICTURE INSTRUCTIONS OR ANYTHING pls help we have half of it out DESPERATE FOR some advice
  5. SirDimes23

    HSV VE Clubsport R8 Issues!! Help me PLEASE!! Any information is appreciated.

    Hello, my name is Sam and this is my first post in this forum so please take it easy on me if i post in the wrong area or something :). I currently reside in Dubai and I drive a Chevrolet CR8 2009 equipped with an LS3 Engine and a 6-Auto Transmission which essentially an HSV VE Clubsport R8...
  6. Dtnightmare1

    2006 Holden Berlina VE Battery Question

    Hi everyone, yesterday I decided to stop in at Holden on my way home to inquire about a tow bar being fitted. I've had a weird feeling about my car battery since I bought it, so I got the guy at Holden to double check if it was the correct one. He told me that it wasn't, it was correct in power...
  7. J

    Starting fault-Fuel related URGENT HELP PLEASE

    Hey lads, My vt v6 commodore is having some problems On saturday, drove it 10 kms then a POP *Backfire* and the car shut off, it was low on fuel so off i went to get a jerry can worth of fuel. Got the car started, drove it to the petrol station with it being odd/lumpy driving up one hill, then...
  8. T

    VT Starting issues - Urgent

    Hi guys... I have a starting problem. I had what sounded like a flat battery two days ago. I've replaced the battery and the problem went away. The car isn't starting again. Still has all working dash lights and it's turning over however it won't kick into life. It hasn't had any warning...
  9. H

    99 VT Berlina - Replacing Transmission fluid

    Hi, I recently sprung a leak in my auto trans system and once I realised this was the issue my system was completely empty. Now I need to fill it back up but I'm not sure of the capacity of the system, seeing as I don't have the books for the car, coul anyone tell me the volume? Cheers...
  10. G

    urgent help needed changed speedo sensor now car wont start

    Hi Guys Changed speedo sensor on vp auto this morning and now car wont start, the starter motor just makes a clicking noise but wont turn over. all dash lights on ok. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Thanks Glen
  11. JSTCOZ

    Urgent ebay

    Hey all, I was having a glance around ebay for a sub or amp just for the hell of looking. Found this >> Pioneer Sub & Coustic Amp - eBay Subwoofers, Audio, Video, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 26-Feb-10 16:05:29 AEDST) << I live right near them and it ends in 3hours...
  12. Wherry951

    [QLD] 95 VS Commodore *URGENT SALE*

    *URGENT SALE* I just got this car but due to family reasons i already need to sell it. Basically everyday i own this car is a day im not aloud to go home and have nowhere to stay. Its a horrible situation so i need it gone ASAP but i need the money back that i payed for it. ITEM: Holden...
  13. M

    oil leak, urgent,

    a friend of mines vs has been taken to the same mechanic's twice to fix an oil leak, being charged roughly $600 all up, last night, (after it was supposedly) fixed on friday, the oil light came up, pulled over to the side of the road, and filled it up, drove about 20 k's and the engine started...
  14. VZ57SSZ

    [HELP How 2 replace rear wheel bearings IRS

    Hi I need help on how 2 replace the bearings in my VR the car has IRS/ABS, I have the bearing kit however need help installing them as I need 2 replace them urgently and can't afford to have them installed professionally at current. Thank you for any help