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used car

  1. I

    [NSW] What to buy!$

    Hello,me and my partner currently own a Cruze and it is fine and will be keeping it, but I am wanting to buy a used automatic (yes I'm one of those people) commodore wagon (mainly for boot space)or sedan for around $10,000. As I have really no idea about all the different series, would love some...
  2. Z

    Help with buying a VZ

  3. Mattde

    Best Small Car? (Looking to buy)

    Hi all, The Mrs is looking to get herself a car, still on her L's but hopefully buying something long term. Price range: under $10k Preferably a hatch with Low K's, Cheap insurance, Good fuel economy, you get the jist. She has been looking at Astras but i have heard in general that Holden...
  4. JAKE-26

    How to 'negotiate' cars for sale?

    Hey all. Been looking at a few cars lately and some have seen fairly expensive for what they are. Lots of them have price negotiable in the description, but i'm not really sure how to go about 'negotiating' with a seller :unsure:. Any tips appreciated! Cheers everyone :D