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ute audio


    Sub Woofer for Ute

    Hi all I apologise in advance if this is posted in the wrong thread, but I’m basically just looking for some advice and opinions on a good sub for my new ute. I listen to a lot of metal and bass heavy music and was looking at getting a subwoofer but am getting mixed reviews on certain brands...
  2. BerlinaSeriesI

    Vs S2 Ute Central Locking Malfunction

    Hi guys, I'm changing my head unit in my ute, the central locking worked before I started, went to go get something to drink and thought I might lock it. It wouldn't lock or unlock I cut out this wire that was attached to the constant feed but I'm unsure where exactly it came from, also the...
  3. S

    VE 08 Omega ute door speaker mod??

    hey i know this might sound stupid but i was wondering if you're able to add a secondary set of door speakers on the stock interior of a 08 VE omega Ute?? like double door speakers' do you have to customise the door to do so or can you cut a hole and add them?? pretty curious about this haha...
  4. T

    Pioneer Component Sound-Off

    I just got my first Vs Ute today (so pumped) and need some help with a Sound System. As I won't be running a sub atm i'm looking at getting some really dynamic component speakers on a budget (amped of-course). After doing some research I've narrowed it down to 2 pioneers: Pioneer TS-A1072...