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ute pics

  1. T

    '11 SSV Redline Ute. Alto Grey

    Whats been done: Suspension: Lowered a bit at the back. King springs. Front is stock FE2. Engine: Comp cam, stock intake, AFAM removed. Dyno tuned. Exhaust: Full custom SS exhaust - 3" collectors into 2 1/2" system with high flow cats. Sounds nice - No droning. Transmission: Tuned 6 speed...
  2. low vs

    Show us your vr vs utes!!!

    Im a big fan of these utes having owned both... just wana see all the tuff utes out there,com'on guys i know theres alot of vr vs utes out there so show us ur pride and joy,tell us about ur mods... ok ill start... extractors exhaust twin cats 70mm throttle body cai with k&n...