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  1. C

    Best Vs/vr ute body kit recommendations / showcase thread

    Recommend and share your body kits in the comments
  2. T

    Vg ute driveshaft loops

    Looking for help i have to put driveshaft loops in my vg ute but being a 2 peace i need 2 I was windering who else has done this, they have to be 150mm back from gbox but being a 2 peace the 1st half of driveshaft has handbrake brackets so its inpossible Anyway around it?
  3. Vaelen

    Why ute's? whats the appeal?

    I am trying to understand the appeal of ute's... Ok so background story, I am a South African (prepares himself for some serious mocking :) ) and the first thing i did when i got in to Brisbane was unpack my bags and go get an SV6 series 2. Love the car - lack of seatbelt adjusters aside -...
  4. S

    My Red Hot SSV L98 Ute

    Just figured I'd put some pix up of my ride VE SSV L98 Ute Wilky WP190 Supercharger Water to Air Intercooler Wilky Sports Suspension ( lowered 50mm ) X-Force 3inch Stainless system ( full system ) Wilky Bonnet Scoop 20's Currently running 8.5 psi, currently 471kw at crank - 341kw at...
  5. THOMMO90

    worn headlight lense

    gday blokes, got an issue with my front left headlight, it seems to always be fogged up or something as reacted to the plastic,,, but when i either wash my car or it gets really wet..aka rain it will clear up. ive herd someone say along the line say u can use some sort of ally polish or...