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    [WA] Sound Sytem Installer Wanted for VY

    I am looking for an Auto Sparkie or someone who can install sound systems blindfolded. I have an Amp, Sub (already in box), side speakers (front and back), head unit. I currently live in Kalgoorlie and the cheapest I can get here is $360, that includes the frame for the head unit. I am moving...
  2. S

    VY Head Unit Removal

    I bought my new sound system but am not going to put it all in at once because I have no idea what I am doing and I don't have money left to get it installed by a pro. Instead I just want to take it one piece at a time, starting with the head unit. I tried once and failed at removing it, I read...
  3. Z

    Removing supercharger from vz or vy?

    Hi, looking at purchasing a VZ or VY calais or S pack. most of which come with a supercharger and living in VIC , i have Green P Plates and not allowed to have a super or turbocharger :( has any removed a supercharger before? and if so how much and how complicated to remove it?