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v6 3.8ltr

  1. B

    VX Berlina V6 Auto Diff

    Hello all, I recently broke the spider gears in my diff (Most likely) and my mechanic said that it’s cheaper to find a new diff from a wreckers than to repair the gears.? So I was wondering exactly what diff is in the series 1 VX Berlina V6 Auto’s? On another note what is a stronger diff that...
  2. Y


    5 speed manual 2002 VX SPAC need new radiator can anyone recommend one was it hasn’t been thrashed so happy to pay for something decent if it’s worth it
  3. B28

    supercharged Vt v6 wont start

    Changed a motor in a supercharged vt v6, and now it wont start. The starter wont crank at all unless we bridge the relay pins. Tried another relay and was still the same. If we bridge the starter and get it to crank, the engine still wont run. It lets out a small backfire while trying to start...
  4. R

    Need help. Gearbox related

    Gday guys. Ive got a vt l67 with decent cam and some go fast bits on it. Its Got a shift kitted 4l60e and a standard v6 torque converter. Was giving it abit of curry one night and it just made a terrible sort high pitched sound from the gearbox area and just came to a stop. Wouldnt move you...
  5. S

    Supercharged 6 in vu ute

    Hi there, I'm 16 and got my L's on my birthday 2 months ago, in saying that i needed a ride, i bought a golden/hyper metallic yellow. V6 3.8 ecotec VU ute 2002 model (MANUAL) for $5.200... my parents have a wh caprice with the 3.8 super 6 in it and they are looking to sell it soon, i was...