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v6 commodore

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    [SA] For Sale: VE SSV 19" Genuine

    ITEM: 19" Genuine Holden SSV Wheels. LOCATION: SA CONDITION: USED PRICE: $800 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: PICK UP or if you want to organise a courier. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on pickup, or Bank transfer cleared before courier pickup. CONTACT DETAILS: 0488 054 725 OTHER...
  2. B

    vt ecotec performance..

    hey guys just wanna know whats some mods i should do to get some more power out of my vt v6 ecotec that aren't too expensive? even little things that just make the car run better and ect.. :)
  3. V

    Exhaust ideas for my VR commodore?

    well i want to get an exhaust for my V6 VR commodore live axel. i had the idea of buying a hi flow cat say about 200CPSI my self and giving it to an exhaust shop to put into my system that i want them to make that would be: 2 and a half inch pipe into a hi flow sports muffler then straight out...
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    Blow of Valve on a NA with shift kit

    Hello, i have a VR commodore V6 auto, no turbo, no supercharger thanks to the stupid new laws. I am looking at getting a stage 2 or 3 shift kit which would be better?. also theres a person in my town that has a VY with no turbo or supercharger but has a blow of valve, he told me it works of the...