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v6 ecotec

  1. B

    VX series 1 or series 2

    I’m just wondering how to tell what series VX Berlina I have, as I can’t find a definitive answer online. I want to upgrade the exhaust to a Catback with hotdogs and from what I can find online the series 1 only has one cat near the floor pan and the series 2 has two cats.? All the Catback pipes...
  2. A

    Vu V6 exhaust

    hi all so i have a vu ute powered by a stock ecotec, im just lookingg to do a few tasteful mods as its my daily drive im thinking extractors and high flow cat and catback exhaust along with a cold air intake and pod filter plus msd coil packs, my question is what would be the best exhaust set...
  3. Boof_94

    2000 Vt vx throttle body

    Hi there on the the following thread iv attached a image of a throttle body iv brought recently, and just wondering if anyone would have any idea how to go about fitting it to a vt v6 and what are the perks of going to a bigger throttle body? Cheers in advance Anthony
  4. 2000 VX Calais V6

    2000 VX Calais V6

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd share some photos of my old daily drive, my 2000 VX Calais V6. As per the log books, this was originally a GM-H executive car from Holden Ltd in Victoria. I'm told that's why the red round Holden sticker is on the windscreen too. I purchased the car for $11,500 in...
  5. 1997 VT Calais Series 1

    1997 VT - VY - VZ (V6 Inlet Manifold and Plenum)

    Hi JC Members, I have a question regarding the Inlet Manifold and Plenum on a 1997 VT V6 Ecotec. Are the Inlet Manifold and Plenums on a VT V6 Ecotec the same as the VY V6 Ecotec? And did the VZ V6 Come out with a V6 Ecotec? And if they did? Are the Inlet Manifolds and Plenum's the same as...
  6. M

    vs ute v6 ecotec

    upgraded /battery terminals power leads + earths to alternator and fusebox also fully insulated airbox/intake. new water pump + powersteering pump/reservoir with powersteering filter (used a fuel filter inline with reservoir return) leads and plugs custom paintjob on strut tops plenum and...
  7. F

    2002 Manual VX V6 commodore URGENT HELP NEEDED

    hey guys new too this forum but PLEASE currently sitting in my mates garage trying too change the head gasket on his vx commodore CANNOT FIND ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING LIKE A TUTORIAL VIDEO OR ANYTHING Was wondering if anyone could please help us out and either send the link too a tutorial on how...
  8. P

    cracked a hose?

    So I'm going to open this with the fact I don't know a whole lot about cars but want to learn. Point is; I've cracked a hose in my car and want to know how seriously is, cause it seems quite serious. Don't know how to post photos, but my car is a 1998 VT Calais, ecotec v6 auto completely stock...
  9. Chrisrox

    vx v6 ecotec exhaust question

    Ok so i am after some info whether a stock twin cat supercharged exhaust would be the same as a single 2.5" exhaust system when it comes to flow on a n/a ecotec vx v6. Either way ill be putting extractors on just wondering as i already hhave the s/c exhaust is it worth changing or will the s/c...
  10. N

    VS V6 Oil levels and possible over filling?

    I'm probably going to sound like a complete moron here, but I was doing an oil change on my VS today, first time doing it, with the help of a mate who does his own servicing on his vs, both v6 ecos, and I think that I might have overfilled it, now it's a 3.8L engine right? I was advised to put...
  11. C

    My 1997 VS Berlina!

    Hey guys, just thought i would make a thread about my VS berlina. V6 5 Speed manual rolling on 17" VT SS mags Mods SS bigmouth Cold Air Induction Lowered right around with Monroe gt shock and superlow king springs fully adjustable converted to manual tower strut brace 32mm...
  12. G

    Next steps.

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum. I own a series one VT Commodore V6 Manual S Pack with a stock standard motor apart from extractors, high flow cat and 2.5" pipe to the rear. My question is a simple one, what is my next step? I would love a bit of extra power (staying...
  13. andrews0604

    what is the loudest v6 exhaust?

    hey guys, ive got a 01 vx calais, i had a system on it already and it was very loud dont get me wrong. it just wasnt the note youd expect to here from a commodore more like a skyline or something dropping it. i want to have the loudest gruntiest sound for a v6, anyone got any suggestions? cheers
  14. JSTCOZ

    [QLD] Ecotec V6 gilmer belt?

    Hey Guys, I have a V6 Ecotec VT and i want that whining sound from a gilmer belt. I have seen some videos of 5L engines and read some old threads saying that the belts don't exist or cost alot of money to custom make? Wondering if anyone know how much it would cost to make or if someone...
  15. barra218

    My VT

    Hey guys, im new to this site and still figuring it out,, i've been meaning to put up a post for a while but here is my vt. Name: Jonathan Barra Age: 17 Model: VT Acclaim II Colour: White Body kit: Standard bumpers SS side skits Engine: Stock Exhaust: Pacemaker Extractors...
  16. R

    Hidden project sorry boys

    Updated project vs twin throttle v6 I have been a bit selfish i have been hiding this for a while my 96 vs berlina v6 PARTS ALREADY BOUGHT *TWIN THROTTLE MANIFOLD (FITTED) *CLUTCH PEDDLE BOX (FITTED) *MANUAL LOOM *T5 GEARBOX *H/D CLUTCH *CLUTCH CABLE *BOSCH BLUETOP INJECTORS...