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v6 to v8

  1. W

    VZ V6 to V8 Conversion

    Before everyone jumps to tell me "Don't do it, It's cheaper to buy a full VZ SS blah blah blah" I know. I know it's cheaper, but my VZ SS Ute was written off the other day (Smashed in the entire rear end courtesy of rain and a telegraph pole...) I am curious as to how hard it is to just throw...
  2. Mitchell Pope

    VZ Calais Alloytec to LS Conversion

    Hey fellas, Throwing a thread together about my progress on LS swapping my VZ Calais. Long term hoping to run a LS3, short term running LS1. Follow me on Instagram @gmhvz_build Originally I had the 190kw Alloytec, the vehicle ran well for a couple years until I cracked the radiator and the...
  3. N

    96 VS Commodore Executive v6 to v8 conversion. Tips please?!?

    I am beginning a V8 conversion for a my commodore, have only just taken the old engine and gear box out. It was a auto v6, but im going to manual it and I am only just deciding on a v8 now and contemplating the troubles i may encounter, and vital parts i will need. I understand that i have to...
  4. B

    Potential problems with a V6-V8 conversion.

    I've been running with my VR for a year or so now and want to have a bit more fun with it. The exhaust had been tinkered with and it has a Cool Air Intake installed already. I was planning a few V6 upgrades and then a mate suggested putting a VR/VS V8 engine instead. Are there any major...