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v8 ute

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    Clutch!!!!!!!Help me :axe:

    Hello on the way home yesterday I took my ute out of 5th gear and tried for 4th wen my clutch pedal dropped in feeling funny and I could then not select any gears until stopped on side of the road with motor not running cannot get her into gear while running...... It was suggested to me that the...

    [NSW] For Sale: VS 1995 5 Litre Ute. **SOLD**

    ITEM: Holden VS 'S' Series 1 Ute LOCATION: Central West, NSW YEAR: 1995 SERIES: VS I BADGE: Commodore Ute HSV Enhanced 185kw Build Number: 004 ENGINE: 304 Injected V8 TRANSMISSION: Auto (Standard box.) COLOUR: Phantom Mica EXTERIOR CONDITION: Paintwork is ordinary, rear...