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  1. S

    Vacuum line through firewall

    Where's the best place to feed a vacuum line through the firewall? I've bought a mechanical vacuum gauge and need a feed from the engine to the gauge. Some youtube searches have shown the best place to tap in for the reading, but I haven't been able to find where I can feed it through into the...
  2. B

    VT Aircon Vacuum Issue

    hi all Just look for some advise with fixing this annoying problem, when the aircon is on and under acceleration or up hill it transfers from face vents to up the window, was told it's a vacuum problem. Had anyone else had this issue before and how did you fix it? Looking to give her a birthday...
  3. M

    lost 3rd and 4 th gear - error 36-

    yesterday my vr series 2 lost 3 and 4 th gear got home checked fluid levels, all ok, ran a code check and it came up with 36 - vaccum leak-, would this error cause the car to go into limp mode? Or is there going to be a bigger underlying problem? Thanks for any help