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  1. J

    Does 2005 vz have EGR valve ????

    As the title says.:confused: Does the 2005 vz commodore have an egr valve? If so, where on earth is it. Thanks to anyone who can help
  2. sundaydriver

    [SOLVED] Vacuum reading interpretation

    Googling this is like googling 'head ache' - lots of different results. So, hoping some of you knowledgeable people can help me out. From what I've read, the low (13-14 inch) reading is indicative of off/bad engine/valve timing? And the steady 1+ inch drop/return is likely a sticky/burnt...
  3. I

    VZ 3.6L Alloytec Rocker / Valve Cover Gasket Advice

    Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. So my VZ has quite the oil leak from the rocker covers. I've done this job before on a completely different car (Nissan Skyline) but the VZ is quite different. I've heard a range of things about this job on the VZ, including the fact that you...
  4. W

    04 Rodeo Engine problem

    I have an 04 RA Rodeo dual cab 3.5l 5spd man. On the weekend the car started running rough i topped it up with some oil and only fixied it up a little, an O2 sensor light flashed up possibly running rich, petty smelling exhaust and hell smoky on the down rev. I had a roadside mechanic come...
  5. premium

    Blow Off Valve

    Hi I'm considering (and saving for) a turbo on my N/A VL Commodore RB30. I'm a huge fan of the idea of 250+ HP, but I'd like to know if they make blow off valves that don't make that stupid noise. Others might think it's cool, but I don't like the sound of a pigeon under the bonnet. Any...
  6. G

    Changing heater tap

    I've recently had a whole bunch of issues with my vt olympic wagon and i've had to replace the radiator and get the coolant flushed and hoses replaced and i've managed to rack up a huge bill. After all that stuff was replaced, now the weakest link appears to be the heater tap, it's leaking...