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vb commodore

  1. She Leaks

    VB red 202 not running without choke?

    Hi guy's can somebody help me please, my VB commodore S/L running a red 202 doesn't run without the choke. I've just rebuilt the carby, bolted everything up, put all vaccum lines on. She starts cold nicely with the choke on and as soon as it comes time to take the choke off, she just stalls and...
  2. G

    VB commodore

    does anyone know what the stamped numbers or letters inside the vb commodore drivers side kick panel reffence too . They sit almost level with hood pull stamped up in corner there about 15-16mms tall .. how to decider them
  3. anf355

    Late model interceptors on Early Commodores

    Hi there, Fresh on the forums, been out of the car scene for a while. This might seem like a ridiculous question. So im looking at purchasing a set of stock interceptor wheels with tyres, ive noticed a lot of VT-VZ wheels, will I have any offset issues fitting later model wheels of this era...
  4. T

    VB Commodore VIN

    G'day all I've recently stumbled upon a barn find VB Commodore with 26000ks on the clock and need help with the details. Done a revs check with the vin number and it brang up no details at all.... VIN- 8K69RJH976553B Model- 8VK69BR Body- 976553-S Trim- 1952-77V Paint- 567-30851 Eng- L36 Trans-...
  5. ncass11

    1980 VB SL Commodore

    Ok i have bought another car and this will be the last, im getting rid of my vk to get this vb. im basically doing the same thing i was going to do to the vk, and put a stroker motor in it, it has a fair bit of rust in the window sill, a hole in the spare wheel well, and some other spots. its a...
  6. D

    Help my VB SL/E Commodore fuel tank is crappy.

    I recently purchased my second VB SL/E Commodore and it needs love, the fuel i put in comes back out brown, and the tank has been dented and sports a patch :( the tank had no fuel cap so is rusty inside the filler neck and there is a smell, possibly remains of old fuel turned into varnish? im in...
  7. T

    Clutch pedal spring

    Hi guys, I'm trying to fit a new clutch pedal spring to my VB V8 pedal box and i'm not having any luck. It may be a dumb question but how does it go on, i have honestly tried every bloody combination i can find to get it to go on but it just doesnt seem to want to work. I have seen a few...
  8. T

    Help with celica conversion in my VB

    Hi all, i'm putting a celica 5 speed in my 202 VB, I have everything accept i have the wrong clutch fork. Does anybody know what clutch fork i need to get? IS it just a standard commodore one? and if it is does it matter V8 or 6 cyl? Any help is much appreciated, and if anyone has one please...
  9. T

    Help needed for gauge installation into VB

    Hi all, I've got a VB and i'm building a black 202 to put in it. I want to put Autometer Oil Pressure and Water Temperature gauges in it but i'm not quite sure how to wire them up. i know how to wire up the positive and negative wires but I dont know exactly how to wire them up to the motor...
  10. V

    VB Fuel Pump problem. no fuel getting to engine.

    i have a vb commodore as a paddock basher, recebtly just stoped, and it is not pumping fuel to the carby or the fuel filter.. where are the fuel pumps on these? are they in the tank? how to go about replacing one? if taht is the problem which im sure it is.
  11. sle10pack

    Where it all began.........

    VB the most signifigant Holden / Commodore ever. YouTube - Project 'V' - VB Commodore Project.
  12. T

    Vb auto gearbox replacement

    what type of gearbox was in the vb sl ( 163 or is it 161 engine not to sure?) i ether want to get it rebilt or replaced any help or info would b rad