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  1. S

    Help with vl venetians

    I bought a set of venetians and they are missing the top mounting rods, the bottom ones just have 3 pieces of bent steel which I think goes into the rubber, however I'm unsure of how the top ones mount into place, is it the same concept as the bottom? Please help me in as much detail as...
  2. damankerrison09

    [SA] VB-VL Power Steering Conversion

    ITEM: VB-VL Powersteering Conversion LOCATION: Adelaide Northern Suburbs CONDITION: Used PRICE: $260 ono.. may be interested in swaps DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up available, will help with postage PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit CONTACT DETAILS: PM, Phone: 0433...
  3. H

    VT v6 conversion issues... wires don't like me

    Hi everybody, As i said wires don't like me, or my car for that matter. I have recently (extend that as far as months) began a conversion process on my VH 202, by putting a VT V6 into my car, i have used a pre made adapation loom from V6 Conversion Specialists that i got shipped down to vic...