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vc commodore

  1. V

    Vc 6cylinder wont crank

    Hey people I've picked up a vc commodore with a 202 it's been converted to Manual and the dizzy was in the boot so I put it in place and I'm trying to get to to turn over but it won't I've jumped the starter and it spins but doesn't engage the engine and it won't even spin when I turn the key...
  2. D

    VC SLE 5.0 Shadowtone question

    Hey lads, new to forum so hope I’m posting in correct area. i have recently bought myself a vc sle 5.0litre, it is a factory single tone which I’m changing to a shadowtone tuxedo black over silver. My question is, would the engine bay be black or silver? I would assume black but would like...
  3. Wickham_1995

    VC Wiring Question

    ive just wired up my motor on the vc, has a blue 202 with tirmatic. everything is plugged in except one pink/tan wire that comes from the loom into the engine bay and is in the same plastic as the anti dieseling solenoid but i don't know where it actually connects up to. i know it is power for...
  4. S

    VC Commodore cluster issues....

    I recently bought a sports cluster (the one with the tachometer) to put in my VC commodore L. I have all the wires and every thing is working just not the tachometer is there a special plug that goes on the back? or am I missing wires that go on the back of the tachometer itself? Also the oil...
  5. S

    VC Commodore sports cluster issues...

    I bought a sports cluster for my commodore L model and the wires to make the rev counter work are not there. The temp gauge, volt gauge, speedo, and fuel gauge work. Does anyone know how to get the rev counter work? Is there more wires or should it just work?
  6. A

    [NSW] vc sedan for sale!! immac engine, box, and beige interior

    ITEM:for sale is my YELLOW vc comodore. blue 202 3.3 litre engine, 4 speed holden manual box. i bought it off my uncle approx 12 months ago, who was the first owner of the vehicle and has been almost blind for a number of years now and barely driven. it was always kept under shelter and in the...
  7. A

    vc springs on a vl?

    yes i know. like every other p plater vl driver roadworthy failed due to cut springs. will the rear springs off my vc sedan fit straight on?
  8. C

    help.. VC Commodore, Horn won't work

    When I press down on the steering wheel the horn won't work. I'm not sure what it is. I recently degreased the engine and washed it off with water which caused problems with the idle solenoid but that is all good now. Could it be an issue of water in the electrics? btw. its a vc commodore but...
  9. A

    VC Commodore - Need help!

    Hey, I'm fairly new here, this is my first thread actually. I own a VC commodore which i got off my uncle who has kept it in PERFECT condition. it has been kept running and registered for a long time now but hardly driven (uncle is almost blind). It only has around 150 000kms. I got it...