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ve calais

  1. LachieCaprice

    Help Buying 6LT CALAIS

    Hello I’m looking at buying Holden ve calais 60th anniversary model it’s the 6LT and just wanted toknow what to look for my current list is cars done 149,000km service history check oil and coolant check drive train when driving any help would be highly appreciated
  2. B

    VE Calais. Most speakers cut out after turned on.

    I have a Calais Series 1 (Ver 4 Head unit). When the I start the car the radio comes on and everything works fine for a few seconds and then all the speakers, except the Front Center and Front Passenger side, cut out. The volume is not load and the sound from those speakers is what I would...
  3. L

    M82 transmission fail??

    Hi everyone, long time stalker first time poster. I have a 2007 VE Calais with the Ly7 and m82 (5l40e) transmission. I have had this annoying harsh "misfire" and figured it was the coils. (Had the same issue once before, diff car) Changed them all and it made zero difference. Thought it was...
  4. LozzaNewport

    VE Sat Nav upgrade

    Hey Fellas, Recently bought a 2011 VE Calais, already has the sat nav, was wondering if there is any way to update it at all? Cheers
  5. X

    WM dvd seats in CalaisV with roof mount dvd

    WM seats with dvd screen into VE Calais with roof dvd... Can they be connected?
  6. ReaperTBS

    Changing Colour of VE Calais Leather Seats

    Hello again, everyone. Just curious to know whether anybody here either knows of an effective, lasting way to change the colour of the interior leather, or has done it themselves. I'm considering changing from the cream interior colour scheme to black. I've read that the top few layers may...
  7. mitchj109

    VE 1 & VE 2 Steering Column Difference?

    Hi, I'm trying to work out what the difference is between series one and series two VE steering columns. Holden has different part numbers for both but they can't tell me what the difference is. I'm purchasing the part for my VE LS3 build so can't go by VIN. Any help would be appreciated, Cheers!
  8. Benji1986

    HELP!! 06 VE calais l98 Bogging down under 2500rpm

    As the title says its bogging down under 2500rpm. It does pick up after 2500 but not as good as it could. over 4500 it really goes well. So when its bogging it is totally gutless untill i get it to kick back a gear. I also feel surging aswel. It has thrown a o2 sensor code B1 S2. On the live...
  9. B

    Series II V8 Aircon high & low pressure switch locations

    Hi all, a few weeks ago my aircon stopped dead. Had a closer look and the compressor isn't engaging. VE SII Calais V 6.0L. Took to to an aircon place to check the pressure & re-gas if necessary and there was plenty of pressure. I checked fuses and relays, all ok and I've never had an over...
  10. VE Calais LS3 Build

    VE Calais LS3 Build

  11. mitchj109

    VE Calais V8 Conversion

    I'm thinking about converting my 07 VE Calais V6 to a V8. What's some of the steps that I will have to take? Not rushing into anything, just want to get an idea on how hard and pricey it would be. Thanks :)
  12. trixtrem

    Rebuilt, cammed VE Calais V, dyno run and results

    Here is my '07 Calais V on the dyno. The motor had 100k km on it when it lost a roller off a lifter and turned my oil into Black metal flake paint!!!. Motor was pulled, thoroughly cleaned, checked, measured, honed new rings, ARP head bolts, VCM cam, Hi Vol oil pump, GTS headers, diff back...
  13. R

    VE 06 Calais Stereo Video Playback

    Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I was last on here, even had to create a new profile. Last posts I made were for my VL (8 years ago) which is now long gone. Well I'm now the proud owner of a VE Calais. I've been looking forward to this day for many years now. My question to anyone is...
  14. VE V8

    VE Grill Pontiac

    Hi Guys, Had some fun today getting rid of that Holden Lion from my grill - check out the change!
  15. D

    2007 Holden VE Calais thumping noise?? Help

    Hi all, bought a 07 VE Calais about 2 months ago. just hit a pole >.< (yes i kicked myself when i did it) its recently been repaired and since ive had it back, well a day after ive noticed a strange knocking/thumping noise. NOTE: i have jack all knowledge about cars and im still a "p...
  16. D

    Calais V Subwoofer Output on Sportwagon?

    Hi everyone. Just picked up my Calais V Sportwagon. Absolutely wrapped with everything except the stock stereo setup. I'm not after audiophile quality but there's a serious lack of bass / mid. For those who don't know, the sportwagon version of the Calais V doesn't get the rear subs and amp...
  17. myberlina

    VE Calais Head Unit Wiring

    Hi guys. I have a 2006 VE Calais. At the moment I am thinking of building a 'carputer' and installing it to the calais as a new project of mine. How can I go about connecting a video source to this stock unit? Does the unit accept S-Video, VGA (most unlikely), AV input or some other means...