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ve commdore

  1. Pep998

    Ve omega 06 Ticking noise/Engine light

    Just after some advice , have a Ve commy omega 06 , ive had the Engine light come Up on the dash, got a ticking noise from the motor and sometimes when I try to start it , it will start and cut straight out or struggle to start other times it’s fine, everything else seems to be good. Any ideas...
  2. B

    Need serious help with my engine

    hi guys, i know i’ve been posting in this forum like crazy ever since i got my new secondhand engine.. it is a 3.6 alloytec.. just wanting some second opinions before i go putting it in my car. i had a look under the lower intake manifold and noticed that the valves in 5 cylinders are closed...
  3. B

    Timing chain question

    Hi all, hoping someone can give me a second opinion I am getting a secondhand engine on my 08 SV6 due to the timing chain being shot in my current engine ($900 for a secondhand one with warranty sounds better than $2000 + for a new timing chain) and I am wondering what your guys opinion is on...
  4. Y

    2011 be commodore immobiliser on dash

    Can someone tell me how to get rid of the immune sign ony dash the car still status amd drives fine,please help
  5. K

    Ve e3 bumper on a sv6?

    Has anyone put a ve e3 clubsport bumper on sv6 series 1, I understand you also need the bonnet too match, but how would you get the daytime running lights to work, and does the bumper actually fit?
  6. T

    Ecotec Vs Alloytec SIDI

    Hi there fellas, I am in the market for a new rig and am looking for a 6. I am wondering what your thoughts and opinions are on these engines and what I should get. My mate has an SV6 SIDI Ute and it has a nice amount of power. I have heard people have had problems with the earlier Alloytecs...
  7. J

    P's mods

    So I have a 2010 VE sv6 (series 2) I'm a apprentice mechanic at a performance shop so I know what I'm doing under the bonnet but my question is what should I do whilst on my P's to have a tough lil 6 banger and "try" still be legal. I don't mind dropping good amounts of cash on it so I'm...
  8. H

    [NSW] SuperPro VE Commodore Bump Stop Kit for Lowered Vehicles (Part Number SPF2883K)

    ITEM: SuperPro VE Commodore Bump Stop Kit for Lowered Vehicles (Part Number SPF2883K) LOCATION: Located Queanbeyan (Right on NSW/ACT Border) CONDITION: New in packet PRICE: Selling for what i paid - $175 or near offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or post at buyers expense...
  9. T

    wagon tail light swap

    Hey guys I have a ve wagon and noticed the other day that the vf wagon tail lights are slightly tinted, is it possible to switch the tail lights?Are they the same?
  10. S

    Timing Chain Issue VE Commodore 2006 HELP PLEASE

    My 2006 Commodore has been checked out by my mate who is a mechanic at a Toyota Workshop. My engine warning light has been on for a few weeks and the error message indicated i needed to replace Cam Sensors which i had done. A week later the light came back on and after getting online and my...
  11. BigBoss

    Reprogramming S1 Clusters?

    Hey All, just wondering if all S1 clusters are interchangeable with the help of a tech 2? Or is the white back vs black back still an issue? Cheers
  12. J

    installing splits and an amp into a ve sv6 with little experince.. bad idea??

    i have a sub and amp installed but got it dont professionally for $170. got quoted $190 or $400 for installing splits and an amp, not sure what they smoked to give such different prices are VEs really that difficult to work with if have all the high and low converters? mate has experience...