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ve commodore

  1. C

    2010 SV6 Paint code (609R)

    Hoping someone can help me identify this paint code. Plate says 609R, however that is Atomic, which is a lighter/green colour. This is a dark green/blue metallic color and for the life of me, I can't find it! Help ☺
  2. Fu Manchu

    [General] Alloytec Engine Assembly

    Found this great video showing the assembly process of the Alloytec engine. Might help someone. This one is twin turbo, but you get the idea. If only they put a twin turbo 3.6ltr in a Commodore. (Yeah, I know what I'm saying).
  3. Fu Manchu

    Codes P0008, P0009, P0016, P0017, P0018 & P0019

    Found this juicy nugget of info. So timing chains may not always be why timing is incorrect. Movement of the tone wheel can be a problem. Of course, it means the engine is pretty much fkd. Have to replace the crank...
  4. J

    VE Berlina engine wont turn off and keeps restarting without key in ignition

    VE Berlina keeps restarting even when key is off and out off ignition. When car finally turns off, (sometimes restarts itself 10 or so times). When car is off, drains battery to dead flat by morning. I have had checked but auto electrician and computer diagnosis, suggested body control module...
  5. M

    Strange noise from engine most days on first start

    HI people, I had a genuine Golden timing chain kit put in my Commodore VE as it was making a bad rattling noise on the first start most days. Everyone was telling me it was the timing chain as the car has done 234,000km, I picked up the car on a Friday afternoon after the kit was put in and was...
  6. Darkreviver0

    The good old water leak

    Hi all, 2009 VE omega, I have trawled through as many posts as I can possibly fathom in trying to find any ideas on where my car may be leaking water into the cabin. I have determined that one leak is from around the hvac unit in the firewall so I am sorting that out, but I also have a leak...
  7. R

    Replacing Damaged Drivers Door- VE Ute

    halfway through replacing the drivers door and having trouble locating the wiring loom plug that powers the door functions (windows, mirrors etc). Has anyone had any experience with this or know where the plug is located inside the vehicle. What dash trims need to be removed to find the plug...
  8. L

    How to remove me wagon rear bumper

    Does anybody have any info on removing a ve sv6 wagon rear bumper. My wife's got dinged in car park and I've got anreplaa replto go on tomorrow but other than the screws in wheel arch I'm a little stumped. Any help would be appreciated
  9. V

    VE SV6 Auto Box Swap

    Has anyone here done a SV6 6 speed auto box before without a hoist is it possible
  10. N

    2012 VE Commodore Wagon SII not cranking over

    My 2012 Series 2 VE Sportswagon won't start. It makes a constant clicking sound which I presume is the starter motor. I bought the car second hand with 80,000km about a year ago. It has been serviced regularly, it's now got 138,000km's on the odo. The weird thing about this is, I serviced the...
  11. N

    Compatibility VE-VF

    Hi, I needed to replace the engine in my VE as the old one carked it! Ringing around, I found that Heaps of people have different ideas on what is right and what works/doesn't work.. I needed an LFX engine and found one for a very reasonable price. Only problem was that it came off a VF (but...
  12. B

    Avoid Motoquipe and Wet Seat

    After a bit of research l decide that a good quality set of Neoprene seat covers are the best way to protect the leather seats in my VE Calais, especially with three little girls and their booster/safety seats in the back. After finding Wet Seat via an online store called Motoquipe l call them...
  13. L

    VE 08 Sv6 won't start

    Hi all, i have a Ve 08 sv6, every once in a while the starter motor will turn over but the engine just won't fire, turn it off and try again after a few goes and pumping the throttle it kicks into life and doesn't do it again for weeks maybe months, ihave check all fluids battery and voltage...
  14. B

    Ve sv6 surge

    I have a 07 Ve sv6 with a surge between 1500 and 2000rpm Having trouble working out if it is a throttle position problem or a torque converter lockup problem Does it worse some days more than others Any one else come across similar symptoms?
  15. K

    Ve sv6 sports wagon boot release button

    How do you replace a Ve sv6 sportswagon boot button/touch pad and how much would it cost
  16. S

    Rear end vibration

    Hi guys, looking for any advice regarding a rear end vibration. I recently had a diff upgrade done (4.1 gears and a torsion/torque worm LSD). While driving back home I noticed a vibration while driving at 85-100k/hr. The next weekend while driving the car around the block the gearbox decided it...
  17. V

    Cause of fault code P0018? New chain recently fitted

    Hi, I have a VE Commodore 08/2006 with about 135k km on it. It had a stretched chain and was rattling quite bad on start up. No fault codes at that time. I replaced the chain about three weeks ago. It was perfect and no rattle now. Now fault code P0018 has just started coming up. When I did...
  18. V

    VE Radiator Support (how to install?)

    Just wondering if the radiator support just bolts on or do you need to do tac welds aswell? Cheers
  19. V

    Timing chain replaced - Engine rattles 20 000km later. Possible cause?

    Hi, I have a series I VE. The engine started to rattle at about 105-110000 km and so I got the chains replaced. Chains bought from the Holden dealer. Chains bought late 2013 I think. The engine now has 135 000km on it and has started to rattle again when I first start it up. Just like before...
  20. A

    Power steering failure at high rpm

    Hey guys, I've just had an engine replacement in my sv6 and everything is going well except for one thing... I am experiencing a loss of power steering at high rpms and when it does happen it is extremely hard to turn the wheel at all (more than compared with old cars with no power steering)...
  21. rtmpgt

    V6 Vs V8 mounts? Are they the same?

    Hey Y'all! After my Alloytec finally decided to give up the ghost , I've decided to do a complete swap-over to a reconditioned engine. Now, Whilst I did a little googling, I noticed that the engine mounts for a V8 and V6 look pretty damn similar. I also noticed that there are upgraded (i.e...
  22. A

    Car Install Problems... Help...

    Hey guys, I have just had my car system installed (4 door speakers, amp and sub) in my LPG VE commodore but now there seems to be a few problems. They told me about the first problem when I rocked up that being as they said the car makes 5 horn noises when locked. After further investigation I...
  23. L

    VE Window Seals

    Hi All New to this forum so pls go easy on me :-) Have just purchased a 2006 VE, window seals on passenger side are well perished. The seals that sit outside the window on the door look easy to replace but what are the seals called that sit on the outside (attached to the window and go up and...
  24. W

    Series 1 or 2 SV6?

    Hi guys, I am looking at upgrading my VU ute to a VE SV6 sedan, not looking for an SS. I can't pick between the series 1 (MY9.5 SIDI at a minimum) or the series 2 with a manual. From the exterior, the series 2 does look that little bit nicer and it's leaps and bounds ahead on the...
  25. Z

    Please help! No idea what the problem is.

    Having some trouble with my VE commodore. When I have my aircon running for a while and turn my car off (like at a service station) the car then will struggle to turn back over and will run extremely rough before stalling (car is automatic), will take a number of attempts for it to start and...
  26. N

    After Market stereo system For Series 1 VE Commodore.

    Hey Guys. I own a 2008 VE Commodore SV6 Auto and i want to put in an aftermarket touch screen system in the place of the stock system. I still want to have full use of my Steering wheel controls and have the use of an AUX Cable and if possible CD Player. I also do not want to spend a lot of...
  27. Royal Jaeger

    Lowering advice for my SV6?

    Hey guys, first post here since joining, I hope I'm in the right spot.. ahaha Anyway I'm running 20" Rims on my VE and currently my ride sits about 390mm from the centre cap to the lip of the guard both front and rear. Also, I've never lowered any of my vehicles beforehand so this will be...
  28. klavins

    [VIC] WTB: Twin Outlet Diffuser for Omega Series 1

    DESCRIPTION: Swap/ Wanted to Buy / Trade ITEM: Twin Outlet Diffuser for Omega Series 1 LOCATION: Mount Waverley, VIC 3149 CONDITION: Used/New DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up preferred but happy to pay postage PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, transfer, PayPal CONTACT DETAILS: text...
  29. AlzVS97

    How to replace/remove front quarter panel VE SV6

    Hello everyone, I have replaced my front drivers quarter panel due to some inconsiderate prick doing a hit and run on it, so during the process of replacing it I took pictures to show how it is done. To do this job the car must be jacked up on the side you will be working on, I strongly suggest...
  30. M

    Another VE Timing Chain Post :/

    Hey everybody, I'm just trying to pick some brains here. I bought a 2009 VE Berlina (3.6L 195kw Alloytec) 5 months ago with 115,000 on the clock. Since I've had it, I've put another 12,000 on. About 3 weeks ago, I noticed an intermittent rattle that sounded suspiciously like a timing...
  31. A

    starting my setup ve omega

    Hows it going guys im new around here so i just thought id share my plans for my setup i am starting in my 2009 ve omega 4 6 1/2inch soundstream arachnid sc .6t component splits which are about 80watts rms for the rear and front doors running off a soundstream stealth stl4.680 4 channel...
  32. T

    [SA] For Sale: VE SSV 19" Genuine

    ITEM: 19" Genuine Holden SSV Wheels. LOCATION: SA CONDITION: USED PRICE: $800 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: PICK UP or if you want to organise a courier. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on pickup, or Bank transfer cleared before courier pickup. CONTACT DETAILS: 0488 054 725 OTHER...
  33. S

    [VIC] Want to buy: VE Commdore Ute SV6

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: VE SV6 Commodore Ute ( Alto Grey or Red preferably ) LOCATION: Melbourne , Vic CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will travel anywhere in Victoria PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash or Money Transfer CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER...
  34. gcchris

    SV6 trouble after new spark plugs.

    Hi All, Firstly, happy Bathurst. Now with that said, I'm a 2nd time newbie; I got allot of help here 8 years ago with an old VS I was having issues with so I decided to crawl back now I'm having issues with a VE. I picked up an SV6 VE manual ute 3.6 high output, supposedly for a short term...
  35. P

    Was the timing chain issue resolved for the VE 3.6 SIDI LLT engine?

    It seems there was an issue with timing chains stretching for 06-08 Holdens. My question is was this issue resolved for the 3.6 SIDI LLT engine on the VE introduced towards the tail end of 2009. From what I have read it seems the general consensus is that it “should have been” resolved by then...
  36. L

    Ve Sv6 Ute Help?

    Hi all new to Forum. Looking to buy a Ve Sv6 Ute and i wondering what are good Performance upgrades ? Exhaust? High flow cats? Extractors? Cold air intake? Diff gears? Cams? Ecu flash ? whats the best tune? what will give me the best "Bang for my Buck" for big power gain and improve Torque and...
  37. L

    Ve Sv6 Ute Help?

    Hey Guys i recently have joined this forum. I am going to be buying a Ve Sv6 ute in a couple months and just need to know what are good performances upgrades for it ? Exhaust? Cai? Diff Gears? Cams? Extractors idk where to start so any help telling me whats going to improve torque and Kw's...
  38. V

    Ve wagon roof lining problem.

    g'day folks. Now the problem is, an incompetent mechanic decided to mess around with my roof mount dvd to work out how to install one into his ve wagon. (without my permission) in the process, i have no idea what he's done but now my roof lining is sitting 10mm away from my front...
  39. D

    My 07 VE Omega

    Hi, Finally after a long two years I've decided I'd post my car online. Its a 2007 Holden Commodore VE Omega with a 3.6L V6 and A4 Transmission Exterior Mods: Small Antenna, Lip Spoiler, SSV Clear Taillights, Chrome Numberplate Strip, G8 Diffuser, Dual Chrome Exhaust Pipes, Tinted Windows...
  40. D

    Ve Commodore Steering Wheel Controls Help

    Hi Chaps, I have a problem that I'm wondering if you guys have any idea about? I have a 07 VE Omega and I have just purchased a Alpine CD-E 147BT headunit and Axxess Steering wheel control kit. All hooked up and works great, but (always a but isnt there?) when I press the phone button on the...