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ve exhaust

  1. C

    [QLD] WTB - Commodore VE Quad tip exhaust from SV6/SSV

    ITEM: Commodore VE stock Quad tip exhaust LOCATION: Brisbane, QLD CONDITION: Used PRICE: $150/$200 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pick this up PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: PM or reply here OTHER INFO: Hi, I'm looking for a full quad tip exhaust (stock SV6/SSV)...
  2. G

    Best choice for Rear Mufflers

    Guy's I need advise, I've got a Manual MY2012 SS with Hurricane 1 3/4 Headers, High Flow Cats and 2 1/2" System, VCM OTR and Tune. Cars great, only complaint, as with all, drone around 1800-2000 rpm. Problem is it is a bit loud for my 5am starts. At the moment my sons pinched the Hurricane...
  3. D

    SSV Exhaust and engine bay advice needed

    I realise the exhaust question has been asked a few times so I apologise in advance, but I never see mention of legalities so here goes. I'd like my SSV to sound like a V8 from the moment it starts up, rather than having to get the boot into it at 3000rpm or so for it to sound half decent...