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ve holden

  1. M

    what should i buy for a full service

    I got my 2008 ve holden at 200k and it had no service book so I changed the oil and now it's at 215k id like to know everything I should buy to make sure it runs as smooth as posable. my friends a mechanic and would help me do it all I just got to buy everything first.
  2. C

    Upgrade shops in perth W.A

    Hey guys I just brought a ve ss and want to know where to go in perth to get some upgrades done Thanks James
  3. M

    Ve fog light switch modification

    Hi guys, As there is no existng plug on my VE 60th Anniversary to attach a foglight loom to, i have purchased an aftermarket wiring kit. I have attached a circut daigram of the aftermarket loom i currently have. On the print, below the aftermarket switch i have a plug. I was wondering if...
  4. D

    Boot release wont work on ve ss-v sportwagon

    hi all having dramas with the touchpad boot release for the tailgate on my ve ssv sportwagon! has worked intermittently over the past few days, and have checked any fuses and relays i could under bonnet and front passenger foot well regarding 'rear end release', and all is good! anyone...