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ve omega

  1. Pep998

    Ve omega - Engine light flashing car splattering!

    Hi just recently got my engine light scanned ended up being the speed sensor for transmission mechanic cleared it and now its back but this time the engine light is flashing and beeping ,my car is splattering , it struggles to start, even when accelerating it sounds and feels off. Could the...
  2. H

    VE Omega key lock free spinning

    Gday guys, my mothers Ve Omega has been sitting for about 3 months and the battery is dead. Tried to open the car with her key to gain access inside to pop bonnet but key just free spins either way with just a small click left or right of starting position. I have searched this great site and a...
  3. T

    Help Needed With My Ve Omega

    Hey guys I just thought I’d throw a question out there as I’m in need of some help, when I have time I will be taking photos and posting them if further help is needed. okay so a couple of months ago me and my partner got a 2009 VE Omega It’s actually an ex detectives car which comes with the...
  4. 5

    Motor swap and conversion

    To put an 05 VZ alloytec and 6sp manual box into an Auto 06 VE Omega, would that be a stuff about or what? How would I go about doing that with the possibility the ecu and computer won’t plug in. Worked on about every other car bar a Holden.
  5. R

    Fitting Bluetooth Module to '06 Ve Omega Commodore

    Hey i have a '06 Ve Omega, trying to install the Bluetooth module just wondering what i need. Just purchased the Module and mic on ebay for $45 (https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/HbQAAOSwLaZZrND9/s-l500.jpg) Do i need to purchase a T or Y cable or something ive seen on another post but didnt really...
  6. K

    Can i put a 190kw alloytec into a ve omega

    Sorry guys im new to this page and not to sure how to use it yet, But anyhow, a freind of mine recently blew his alloytec engine in his ve omega, Want to know how hard it will be to put a 190kw Engine into the 175? Thanks in advance
  7. V

    Throttle Response 2006 VE omega V 3.6l auto

    Ok, I have a 2006 VE OMEGA V (Spoiler with no Omega badge model) 4 speed auto, and as we all know the throttle response on VE is rubbish to say the least. It certainly is not my old NA XR6 for example and I knew it wouldn't be but I just could not get over the lag in the throttle! So I managed...
  8. B

    Cosmetic mods for my ve omega help me!!

    P plater and I know its an omega but its all I could afford. Would love a V8 THOUGH :3 Just seeing what you guys think of these no engine mods will be done mostly just cosmetic stuff :) Car is heron white - SV6 front bumper - some 8k bulbs for front lights -g8 diffuser -boot lip...
  9. H

    [VIC] Need to find out if i can turn off Traction control in VE Omega..!!

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone know about how to turn off traction control on VE Omega 2006, yes i have tried pressing the button but NO it dose not work, nothing happens..!! the sports shift button works but not traction control.:hmmm:
  10. A

    O2 sensors

    Does anyone know if O2 sensors are easy to change in an 08' VE commodore? Also if anyone could recomend somewhere to get the check engine light reset near Glebe in sydney.
  11. B

    Help with Ve mods

    Hey guys , I am new to this page and I am very interested in doing a fee things to modify my ve omega ute , so far I have put on a dual exhaust and ss wheels but that is all I know , what do you guys recommend ? Any help would be awesome cheers
  12. B

    New car help!!

    So im after my first car as i am soon to be on P plates, i have very strict parents so it has taken a hell of a lot of work for them to even consider me getting a V6.. So the cars im looking at the 2010 sidi omega, reasons are being a 3L its very good on fuel what will make life more enjoyable...
  13. G

    [VE] How to replace HVAC Module - VE Commodore

    I made this account just to post this guide as I had a bit of trouble finding one, but as I got into it, it seemed actually pretty simple! So a bit of back story: Around Christmas time, I installed a Bluetooth module into the Commodore on my own and was pretty pumped :boxing:. Probably 3...
  14. H

    reverse sensors stopped working

    Hey all, i have a 2009 VE omega, i got in the car this morning and realised that the reverse sensors were not working any ideas as to why this may be happening also there is no towbar fitted on the car. Thanks :)
  15. 9

    Need help on ve omega exhaust system!!!

    can a VE HSV GTS R8 cats back fit into a VE OMEGA 08? what about a VE SSV REDLINE cats back?
  16. 9

    need advice on ve omega exhaust system!!!!!!!!

    can someone tell me if a VE R8 HSV cats back exhaust system fit into 08 ve omega?? i know a sv6/ss/ssv can.
  17. C

    Replacing front struts on VE II Omega

    Hi Guys, I know there are already a few threads on here about lowering VE's, but i havent found one that addresses this issue. I bought one of those suspension packages with super low king springs and monroe GT short travel shocks and struts for my VE II omega. Now, the rears went in no...
  18. C

    VE omega help

    ok im new to this so bear with me i have bought a my10 VE omega i want to get a better sound and a bit more power out of her can any one help me with suggestions please as i am desperate i need help its a 6spd auto by the way
  19. G

    2007 Commodore VE Omega Amp and Speaker install

    Hi i recently bought this car and want to replace the stock speakers and run an amp using an LOC. I was Just wondering if anyone could help me with trim removal on the doors to replace the speakers and also how to best access the head unit. (Picture would be great)
  20. T

    Changing parking lights

    I just wondering who knows how to remove the front parking lights in a 2008 VE omega? Can't seem to take them out. tried twisting and puilling, no luck. Anyone have an idea?
  21. johnny_boi85

    My VE Omega from Start to Finish

    Hi guys ive just gone out and bought this VE Omega i couldnt be happyer with it. I payed $14,500 its a 2007 model it only has 95,000ks on it no scratchs no dints and the interior is perfect. Im starting this post so you can all see the car change over time from the start and to get some ideas...
  22. F

    Ve SS bumpers on Omega?? Help

    hi ive recently bought ss bumbers for my omega. im just wondering if you would need to buy anything else or change anythin for them to fit on the omega or should they just bolt straight on. i allready tried to change the front by myself and it seams as if the stone tray on the omega is to...
  23. A

    My Omega, Looking for a few more ideas :)

    Hey guys, So as you can see, my car is still stock and basic on the outside, the only 'mods' i have done so far are the personal numberplates (my initals and birth year) and the 2x 12 inch subwoofers in the boot (no pics atm). anyway so to the point, ive got around $1000 to spend now after my...
  24. J

    VE Omega Ute Parts

    Hey, I recently bought a VE omega ute 2007 model and i want to make it look like a sv6 model. Here are the things i would like to change on it: - Body colour door handles (white) - Body colour mirror scalps or mirror covers (white) - sv6 front and sv6 rear bumper - including grille...