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ve series 2

  1. S

    Reliable Coilovers

    Im about to invest in my first set on coil overs for me VE wagon and I jut wanted to get your blokes opinion on some good coils to run as a daily. I've got a budget of $!,500
  2. S

    Any headunit kits for the VE Series 2

    Ive been interested in an upgrade for the headunit in my commie but cant seem to find any fitting kits that arent from kayhan as ive heard very mixed things about them just wondering if anyone had any suggestions about fitting kits and possible headunit options aswell
  3. T

    Transmission fluid change 2012 Holden VE SV6 Series 2 Commodore wagon

    Hi everyone, Hoping someone can help me with this issue. I have recently drained approximately 3.5L from the transmission in my 2012 Holden VE SV6 Commodore automatic wagon as i thought it was the engine oil (ive had a big week). I went into supercheap to replace the il i have drained however i...
  4. K

    Ve series 2 navigation problems

    my ve series 2 nav system has suddenly **** itself was working fine then pressed the nav button one day and it now says ‘navagation not available’ it also says this when I press the map button. Cheers for any help
  5. V

    VE Series 2 Key Issues

    Hi all, So, my issue now is, ever since, I've replaced the shell on my flip key, I changed the blank key and installed the key from my old flip key. And now the car won't start. I've tried to re-program the key however no luck at all. Any thoughts on how I would overcome the barrier?
  6. J

    How to turn off pursuit/night mode in my 2011 VE series 2 SS Sportswagon ex VIC cop car

    I have recently pulled the battery out of my VE Series 2 2011 SS Sportswagon to charge and when I have reconnected the radio display and instrument lights, fuel gauge, temp gauge and tacho are no longer working. Speedo still works however and the display on radio flashes on for a second upon...
  7. S

    VE Commodore Crooked Reverse Camera Lines

    Hi Guys, Got an issue which I'm having difficulty getting resolved. I purchased my wagon in 2015 and had a reverse camera fitted by SSV. The camera appeared to have died, would flicker and only show a black screen. SSV replaced it with a new camera which solved the problem of the camera not...
  8. Hannah B

    Putting SV6 engine into Equipe Ve series II 2011 ?

    Hey need some help here, basically i know basics about cars but when it comes to engines i have no idea what i'm talking/reading about. Long story short, my Equipe ve series II 2011 has developed an engine knock and i've got a good mechanic who's been trying to find an engine to swap for me and...
  9. T

    VE Series 2 Rear End Conversion

    HI Guys, So i have decided it is time to change the appearance of my car (i own it out right now so yay for me :)) and the original SV6 body kit is not that appealing to me. I wanted to change the body kit style on my SV6 to that of a GTS E2/E3. Now i have already found a place in Melbourne...
  10. P

    Respray of alto grey VE

    Hi all Got an alto grey VE 2 berlina with a bull bar on it. I want it off and it leaves two square 2 x 2 inch holes under head lights. Now, cheapest option is to have the squares plastic welded and then respray the current bar. I was steered away from aftermarket bars as the fitment of...
  11. P

    SIDI engine mounts

    I've got a 2010 3.0 SIDI with 115kms. I've noticed the past few weeks the motor seems more "vibey". More noticeably when it's cold and after the motor settles down after the first 30 seconds or so when it idles a higher. Now it's not really bad or anything and still pretty smooth and that...
  12. P

    Series 2 ac woes..

    I've tried to search for these exact issues to no avail. I have an October 2010, ve2 Berlina sportswagon. Here's the shortest run-down possible: I was driving with my family on a road trip. 33c outside. Whilst at highway speeds, had the car on auto single zone 22c. Was perfect for 4 to 5...
  13. P

    6L50 6 speed tranny oil change

    Hey all, Picking up my alto grey 2010 ve2 Berlina sportswagon this week. It's got 100k on it and would like to change tranny oil soon as I get it. I have scoured the forums for no real write up like there was with the old 4l60e. Have any of you had a successful crack at it? I have some...
  14. T

    My 2010 VE Omega. First car

    Hey guys, pretty new to the forums; but love seeing what people are doing to their cars ! Just wanted to show some pics of my first car and what i plan to do with it in the future. I know the mods are nothing extravagant or expensive, but it's just a few little things that make my car stand...
  15. I

    2011 SV6 VE Series 2 (Help)

    Hey guys I just bought my car and I wanted help because I'm sure you guys know a lot about commodores. The IQ systems shows that there is no navigation and I was wondering if its possible just to put a cd or I need to do something else if so please tell me my best options. I also wanted to...
  16. T

    Need Urgent Help!!

    Hay guys, I fitted an audio line lc6i to my ve s2 sv6 today. After wiring all the speaker lines to the lc6i and from the amp to the speaker wires behind the iq system (plug in deck on drivers side) the iq system now wont turn on. Everything seems to be wired fine... No loose wires shorting on...
  17. A

    Child Seat Woes in VE Series II

    Hello everyone. Been in a brand new VE Series 2 SV6 for two weeks now, and the kids (9, 7 and 3 years old) are less than happy with the car. Our previous car was a VS. My partner and I, on the other hand, are loving the iQ... and the rest of the car too of course :). The problem is the...