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ve series ii

  1. Hannah B

    Car running rich/jolts/black smoke/faults on dash after engine swap 2011 holden equipe ve series II

    Basically I got my engine swapped due to an engine knock, cost about $5k altogether (got a loan from the bank) and i don't have much money left I got the engine from JJ auto parts with 1 year warranty and it's a 2012 omega engine After the swap the car drove fine, turned on fine, EXCEPT engine...
  2. Hannah B

    VE commodore 2011 Engine Mount/Bad Fluids?

    Hi guys I've kind of had a dilemma and (kind of really upset about it) I bought a second hand VE commodore 2011 a couple of months ago and didn't leave enough back up money incase something went wrong.. and just recently about 2 days ago it started to have strange rattling sounds and the cars...
  3. L

    VE II SSV Sportswagon Project 2x15"s and 6" upgrade

    Greetings all. I'll be detailing my system build in my (recently purchased) 2012 SSV Redline Sportswagon. Hopefully it helps someone along the way. TL;DR - If you have a VE Sportswagon you can find pictures, schematics and box designs here. The Plan 2 x MTX T8515-44 15" Subs 2500W monoblock...