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ve ss ute

  1. L

    My12 VE SS Ute

    Owned this just over a year now purchased stock as a rock. Current Modifications: -MCA Race prime coilovers -HSV AP Racing brakes -19inch HSV wheels -Full Hurricane 3 inch exhaust -VE Maloo steering wheel with suede re trim Future Modifications -OTR and dyno tune -18 inch Koya SF01 wheels...
  2. Dazzak75

    VE SS Ute LSX 454

    Hi Guys and Girls, Well it has been a while since I have been on here, but thought I would share my next mod. It is going to be huge, Mod is a GM LSX 454ci 7.4Ltr going into my VE SS UTE. Fast 102mm Intake 102mm Nick Wiliams TB 63lb Injectors Fast Fuel Rails Upgraded fuel system Upgraded...
  3. Dazzak75

    22" Rims on VE SS UTE

    Hi all, I have had my VE SS UTE for almost 3 months, have 22" rims, never had an issue, that was until today, when a police officer decided to just about crawl all over it looking for something wrong. As he could not find anything mechanical, he tried his hardest. But then he turned to my...
  4. Dazzak75

    L98 Head change

    Hi all, I am having a new cam and OTR fitted to my VE SS Ute on monday, and have been tossing up the idea of replacing the cylinder heads at the same time, can anyone help with who supplies, price and the advantages of doing it. If there is minimal KW gain then is it really worth the money...