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ve ss wheels

  1. Chris_

    [VIC] VE SS Wheels and tyres for sale

    ITEM: VE SS and SV6 Wheels and tyres LOCATION: Victoria, North Melbourne CONDITION: Used PRICE: Make me a sensible offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pickup only PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or Paypal CONTACT DETAILS: PM me please OTHER INFO: These wheels are...
  2. S

    Do ve ss wheels fit an Omega Sportswagon

    I have purchased a 3.6 ltr ve omega sportswagon 2008 and would like to know if the 18inch ve ss wheels fit.
  3. Kierab

    ....KOI'S White VS Executive....

    So yer this is my White 96' VS Executive Little About it. Got it about 3 weeks ago now for close to 3 grand, stock as a rock, engine is in perfect condition, as is interior and exterior Haven't really down too much to it Replaced the indicators with clear ones. Put a set of VE...
  4. Dazzak75

    22" Rims on VE SS UTE

    Hi all, I have had my VE SS UTE for almost 3 months, have 22" rims, never had an issue, that was until today, when a police officer decided to just about crawl all over it looking for something wrong. As he could not find anything mechanical, he tried his hardest. But then he turned to my...

    Series 2 VT Berlina on VE SS wheels

    here is my car