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ve ss

  1. W

    Hard Lid wiring help needed!

    Hi there peeps. Just recently purchased my first ute so I'm not familiar around it that much. I have been trying to locate the socket for the tray light but can't seem to find it. I'm wondering if the black rectangle piece of metal with the bolt is where the cable use to come out from?
  2. JaydxnKennedy

    VE SS wagon rear camber adjustment

    Hi all, I have a VE SS sportswagon that’s sitting on SSSL’s with 20” (yeah buds) Simmons on 275x30x20 I have an issue with the amount of camber my rears have, are the rears adjustable on a wagon? Or is it only the sedans? And if anyone has any tips that would be greatly appreciated!!! Cheers.
  3. A

    Stability control and misfire

    Hi, I have a VE SS 2011 series 2 manual with 171k kms ive had an issue twice now where upon starting my car will have a stability control fault and when i take off it seems to be misfiring aswell. I fixed it the first time by disconnecting the battery and waiting approximately half an hour and...
  4. J

    ve 6litre heads

    hey guys just wondering, i got ve 6litre i did a whole engine rebuild, the cars running not so great though, i was just wondering with when replacing the heads is there a certain side they go on or are they ambidextrous? any help is great, thanks in advance..
  5. G

    VE SS passenger side outside mirror has popped out

    Hi all, Yesterday I was turning the mirror down when reversing into a park to make sure I didn't scrape my rims. I've done this a bunch of times before without issue, however this time the mirror and motor on the back popped out of the mirror housing as one piece. I've popped it back on but it...
  6. J

    VE SS went through floodwater

    Hey guys, my dad went through floodwater (3am in morning pissing down rain so couldnt see a thing) the water was upto about 200mm under the window, stalled in 2nd gear after about 10minutes he got it started again didnt sound to good and wouldnt move, after getting himself out of car out of the...
  7. LS3_VE

    Built 416 LS3 Overheating

    Hi all In need of some help, have done a LS3 conversion which from day one has always pumped out drastically more heat the original L98 especially the trans, which I get given the mods and in general it runs like a dream except here is the issue I’m having(I mostly drive in sports auto it is my...
  8. A

    VE SV6 to 'SS' Engine & Drivetrain Swap

    My Vehicle: VE Series II SV6 Z Series Sedan Wrecked car I want to buy: 08 VE Series I SS Sedan So here's my question. L98 into my VE, is it worth the effort? I have already figured out its worth it from the price to do the swap. (Approx 6-8k with full engine rebuild) But are there any...
  9. Turtl3

    Tr6060 gearbox 2nd gear problem

    Hey all, Has anyone experienced issues with the ve manuals not enjoying stationary shifting into second at high rpm? I know it sounds ominous, but before anyone jumps to conclusions we were breaking in a new pad at a mates farm. Car is tuned, torque management is disabled, esc was off. Clutch...
  10. T

    new ve ss instrument cluster to ve ss

    hi all, long story short.. would a 07 ve ss instrument cluster off ebay plug and play in the same model 07 ve ss without programming? ive searched and searched the forum but cant find the info im after.. ive acquired a 07 ve ss ute im going to be using as a skid ute (hence not wanting it...
  11. 8

    Check engine warning.

    Hey, I've been getting an check engine error coming off and on for last 2 months in my Holden 08 VE SS. I took it to super cheap to get it diagnosed, and it come back with two errors. 1st : P0222 : Throttle valve position sensor 2 : signal to small. 2nd : P2135 : Accelerater pedal position...
  12. W

    Where to get work done - 2013 VE SSV Z

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting some work done to my VE SSV (at first just exhaust, OTR and tune... Later down the track cam work), I have heard good things about KPM Motorsport... Just wondering if people have had experience with them before, or have any recommendations for where to get some...
  13. Thiele07

    Check oil light on idle

    2008 VE SS 6.0L So about 5 weeks ago my check oil light would come on when in idle e.g stopped at traffic lights but only once the car had been driven for about 15/20 minutes prior i would either take off or just put 700 / 800 rpm on and it would disappear so i assumed oil pressure was...
  14. W

    Modified series 1 ss vs near stock series 2 ss

    Hey guys, first time poster here! Just wondering if you guys could give me some advice... I'm looking at upgrading to a VE SS ute... But I'm debating whether I should go for series 1 as with engine work already done (320-350kw @wheels) or a near stock series 2 SS with maybe an exhaust and otr...
  15. H

    VE SS Idle and Rev issue

    im having a issue engine light on first p0121 idle is high and sticks around 1500rpm and 17-800rpm when changing gears and slowing down to stop, throttle body was dirty so cleaned and maf aswell, the factory ballancer was shot so 25% underdrive pulley kit, there is no vac leaks checked over...
  16. A

    VE SS 3.45 diff problem

    Pretty certain it’s diff related but it only started happening yesterday, at low speeds a clunk in the rear occurs when turning sharp both left/right, when turning right up a hill it felt like both were about to lock up but just shuddered. No whine or anything driving or any clunks 20kmh+ Drives...
  17. J

    Can a Ve ss manual radiator be put in a auto ss

    As above question thanks in advance
  18. Randymate

    VE Eibach Springs Pro-Kit

    Hello everyone. I am wanting to lower my VE SSV Redline and not wanting to use King Springs. I have read up on the Eibach Springs but haven't found many photos, or reviews from commodore drivers. Just curious on how much it would l (photos would be amazing) and the comfort of the ride. Cheers in...
  19. Sean08ssv

    High idle cold start

    Hey guys wondering if anyone can help. Not sure if related but i got my alternator replaced couple weeks ago as i had alternator warnings on dash etc..problem is fixed althou after a couple days when starting my car first thing in the morning and leaving work the idle has been sitting between...
  20. Sean08ssv

    Charging/volts issues

    Hey everyone i have a 2008 ssv ute, the past week the alternator warning has come up on my display while driving, when this happens i notice the voltage drops. I'll watch it go from 13 down to 12. It'll eventually go back up to 14volts or higher and the warning will disappear..its has now done...
  21. B

    VE SS Full Exhaust / Fault Codes

    Hi everyone, Trying to decide what exhaust to go with for a 2008 VE SSV. My first preference would be a full engine back system with headers, high flow cats and cat back, however my main concern is whether this will cause fault codes to appear. I've tried asking several exhaust shops and I...
  22. D

    2010 VE SSV L98 check engine light -.-

    Hey guys, so just brought a 2010 VE SSV and stalled it today for the first time going over a speed bump.. after I started it back up the check engine light came on, so as I tried to drive off to park and check it and under load it was misfiring like a bit*h! Then when I got to a place to stop it...
  23. L

    Ve ss ute - overflow bottle gurgling

    Hey guys. Recently when i turn off car i notice a noise coming from hood. Closer inspection it was coming from overflow bottle which was also shaking. Car does not overheat as per indicator. Any suggestions? Radiator is full and added coolant to overflow just yesterday. Will need to check if it...
  24. bigboytom

    ve ss head unit

    I want to install a VE SSV head unit in to my VE SS and i want to know if the is anything i need to do the change the head unit
  25. R

    V8 to v6 conversion

    I was just curious as to how hard or what is involved or even if it is possible to change a a ve ss from v8 to a v6 engine to make it p plate legal. I am a big fan of the ve ss and but will not be able to drive until i am off my p's and would honestly prefer v6 or v8 anyday
  26. J

    Ve ss AUTO diff gear swap

    Hi guys I'm finding it impossible to get info on changing AUTO ve ss diff gears? I really want to know what people are doing weather they are using the manual 3.45 or are they going to 3.9s and with what issues or rpm at 100ks Cheers
  27. H

    ProForm Performance In Perth REVIEWS PLEASE

    Hi I just Bought 2008 VE SSV UTE Manual. Going to install Pacemaker 1 7/8 Headers High Flow Cats And Manta 3" SS Exhaust. I been speaking to few places in perth. Just Wondering How Good ProForm Performance In Midland WA are for Maf Tuning. I never Heard of them, please share your...
  28. H

    commodore ve ss 2007 engine oil

    Hi dears , what's the best engine oil from 2007 commodore ve ss and what's the mileage ?
  29. H

    Commodore ve ss 2007 stability control and airbag

    hey i had an accident in my VE and both front airbags blown up , the airbag alarm is not my problem , my problem is that the stability control is not working , some times after i reset the service the stability control works for a few seconds till i turn the steering wheel right and lift , is...
  30. S

    VE SS Commodore Front Engine Mounts (Drivers Side)

    Hi guys. New here, so go easy on me. I searched lots of sites and manuals for info on how to replace engine mounts on a VE V8 (SSV) and came up empty handed. I bought a Haynes manual and figured the other half out myself so thought I would share this info. The drivers side seems to be...
  31. F

    VE SS - Redback mufflers (Good quality video)

    Hi guys, couldn't find any decent examples of Redback mufflers on a VE SS so I thought I'd throw up a video of mine after installing them the other day. Thought it might help anyone thinking about getting a pair. They're Redback STR163/164 rear mufflers bolted straight on to my stock exhaust...
  32. fanga

    Ve ss harmonic balancer replacement

    Tools - 3 arm gear puller flywheel locking tool leverage bar 24mm socket ARP replacement balancer bolt Jack up the front of car and place jackstands or ramps disconnect the battery unplug the maf sensor and remove the air...
  33. H

    VE SS clutch problem

    Hey guys, have had my VE ss for a few months and few times when driving it hard the clutch has got stuck halfway out. and then slips, under normal driving conditions its fine and never gets stuck or slips. tends to be worse when the cars hot. can lift it back up with my foot and is...
  34. Ddridan

    L98 Bottom mount turbo systems?

    Hi, I have been looking around and I have found many twin turbo setups, but not many single turbo setups, and no bottom mounts. The reason I'm asking for info on bottom mounts is that they look way neater than cluttering the engine bay. I'd like any info on good brands to look out for or whether...
  35. N

    [VIC] Wtb: Ve ss mufflers

    ITEM: VE SS QUAD TIPPED MUFFLERS LOCATION: VIC FRANKSTON CONDITION: Used PRICE: Neg DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I'll pick them up. PAYMENT OPTIONS: CASH CONTACT DETAILS: - OTHER INFO: Have looked absolutely everywhere for a set of SS mufflers to replace my sv6 ones, if...
  36. S

    [LS1] VE SS Wing/Grille

    Hey guys, new to the forums so hopefully i'm in the right area? haha. Just recently pruchased a VE SS, i'm looking at doing some exterior work by purchasing a different wing for it. I'm just wondering what the difference is between the G8 Wing, and Senator wing? Also, is it worth purchasing...
  37. J

    [VIC] WTB :: Ve SS AFM mufflers

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Looking for VE SS AFM mufflers to fit 2011 VE SV6 LOCATION: Vic, Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup if possible PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash Thanks
  38. V

    HSV Headers and cats on a 08 VE SS

    Hi all, I am looking for definitive answer on a couple of questions: 1. Will the HSV Headers and cats bolt up to a VE SS(V) without any modification? 2. Could it be done at home with only jack stands? 3. I currently have a 2.5" XForce cat back which drones a bit, will fitting the HSV...
  39. C

    Ve ss series 2 tail light conversion. Help!

    Hey I'm looking to buy aftermarket ve tail lights that's at led with black outline I'm located in Perth how much will it cost to instal. Thanks for your help
  40. C

    Urgent help are all ve bonnets the same between series 1 and 2 and 2006 and 2012?