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ve ssv rims 19"

  1. G

    19" SSV Rims on VS Commodore NSW

    Hi i want to put VE SSV Rims on my 97 VS Commodore. After reading the regulations for NSW, i cant put any bigger than 17" without a certificate and blue slip. I was just wondering if anyone has done this, and how hard was it to get the certificate, and what other steps were involved in this...
  2. TrikkBen

    [VIC] F/S VE SSV 19" Rims, Genuine, Brand New.

    ITEM: VE SSV 19" Rims, Genuine, Brand New. LOCATION: Dandenong, Vic CONDITION: Used Pracitally New, Drove on them for about 30kms then put new rims on. PRICE: $2200 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up is fine, Interstate freight may be arragne, call to sort out PAYMENT OPTIONS...