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ve ssv

  1. GlxBxi

    First ss mod

    Just bought a 2010 series 2 ve ssv, i believe it already has a catback exhaust. So just looking for what i should do next, what you guys reckon? I'm thinking headers
  2. L

    Aftermarket head unit options VE SSV

    Well the Blaupunkt has finally carked it so I'm looking for suggestions for a single din head unit. I have JBL GTO638's in the four doors (which sound fantastic). Would prefer something that integrates with the steering volume control, have pre-outs for the Kenwood KAC-M3004 amp (or be powerful...
  3. V

    Build thread so far my '07 SSV (pic heavy)

    I first got my SSV a little over 3 years ago. when i purchased it, it had a small amount of work done (exhaust, walkinshaw growler style intake, 20 in rims and lowered springs and shocks). It made 270 rwhp. The below photo was a couple of months after buying her. I drove her around with the...
  4. V

    P0174, p0302, fuelsys1/fuelsys2 ol-fault HELP

    So vehicle is a 2008 ve manual ssv ute stock. I have run into a problem where I am displaying p0174 bank 2 system too lean and p0302 cylinder 2 missfire and have a sulphur smell. I was driving around watching a live data stream and noticed when it started running rough and the engine light was...
  5. Brenton_S

    VE SSV perforated leather seats? And potential SV6 fitting.

    Does anyone know where I could find a VE SSV Leather Seat Base Onyx Trim that has the perforated leather in the centre of the base seat? I cant find anywhere that has new or near new quality. (Similar to this) My VE SS passenger leather seat base has begun splitting at the seams and is past the...
  6. E

    Ve ssv hard to start when hot

    Has anyone had a problem with their car hard to start when its hot? I have a 08 ve ssv ute when the cars been driven 30-40minutes turn it off for 2-3minutes it struggles to start sometimes doesnt start at all it cranks fine sometimes give it some gas to pick up the revs to get it started once...
  7. kingswood country

    Chasing previous owner

    So I'm back, been gone for a while and since bought me a work ute. But I'm trying to find the previous owners last name so I can find out exactly what mods were carried out when they had it, because I can't get any info from the performance company without it, so hopefully some one here owned...
  8. 7

    Dual valve springs causing excess noise?

    Hiya's I had a L77 engine in my VE with a cam which never had the DOD delete done at install or had dual valve springs put in. It sounded like a sewing machine, so I had the DOD delete done and it was much better. A few months later a valve spring gave way and rooted my motor so I got a new...
  9. AZ_SSV

    Ssv ve easy sub install

    Rightio boys and girls, Got a ve ssv or calais with the 11 speaker system and want to add some bass? I just hooked up 2 12" kicker subs and amp setup in the boot and wow was it the easiest install ever! Keep in mind I haven't hard wired the remote wire just yet but I'm pretty sure soldering...
  10. bigboytom

    ve ss head unit

    I want to install a VE SSV head unit in to my VE SS and i want to know if the is anything i need to do the change the head unit
  11. SnowDoggyDogg

    [QLD] QLD: SOLD...4 x VE Series 2 SSV 19" rims for sale

    ITEM: 4 x 19" VE Series 2 SSV rims without rubber. All in very good condition except for one that has a 10 cm gutter rash on the lip. Was told it is a $125 job to return to glory so this has been factored into price. Added pics brlow of the lot and a few close ups of the odd man out...
  12. I

    2009 ve ssv pcm remapping

    hi guys just wondering if you know of any software that will allow me to "TURN OFF" an o2 sensor? i got an exhaust upgrade now i keep getting a low voltage warning b2s2 cant remember the code but the shop i got it done at closed down so just looking to do it myself. ive changed the o2 sensor...
  13. J

    HID lights for VE ssv

    I like the idea of hid headlights on the ve, but have not seen one at night. I am interested in installing this kit from ebay as it is a plug and play kit with no extra wiring/drilling involved http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=120730220193 Does anyone in southeast melbourne...
  14. S

    [VIC] For Sale: Genuine VE Series 1 SS-V Red Hot glove box, driver's IP panel, dash strips

    LOCATION: Victoria, North-western suburbs DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up preferred. Delivery may be organised at buyers expense. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD (Alternate payments methods can be organised) CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: Here is what the parts below look like installed...
  15. H

    [SA] 2008 VE SSV Clutch

    ITEM: 2008 VE SSV Clutch LOCATION: Adelaide CONDITION: Used PRICE: $700 or Make an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up in Adelaide or can deliver at cost of buyer. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: 0459824484 OTHER INFO: Clutch has done 20,000kms, still in...
  16. B

    Brads ve ssv series 2 redline ute

    Name: Brad Model: 2011 VEII SSV Redline Ute with e85 :) Kilometres : 50,000. Colour: Alto Grey / Gun Metal Grey Bodykit: Standard Engine Type: 6.0L V8 L77 Engine Mods: Cold Air POD AIRBOX AND FILTER (Walkinshaw) Power: 220rkw Exhaust: Stock Redline setup (smaller resos) Gearbox: 6 Speed...
  17. H

    [SA] For Sale or Swap: Genuine 19" VE SSV Wheel with brand new tyres $1200

    ITEM: Genuine 19" VE SSV Wheels with brand new tyres. LOCATION: Adelaide, South Australia, 5034 CONDITION: Used with very minor gutter rash (Tyres have done less than 1000kms, rims taken off car at 30,000kms). PRICE: $1200 or swap. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup preffered...
  18. H

    2008 VE SSV Ute

    Hi guys, I’ve been a member for a little while and been wanting to put my ute up on here for quite a while, let me know what you think. Name: Heath. Model: 2008 VE SSV. Colour: Herron White. Bodykit: Factory. Engine Type: 6L V8 L98 Gen IV. Engine Mods: OTR, Performance Tune...
  19. T

    Question on a SSV L98 Cam install

    Hey Guys, Looking at a cam install for my SSV. Model: 2006 VE SSV Sedan Colour: Black Engine Type: L98 6.0L V8 Engine Mods: Orssom OTR, Mafless Tuned Power: currently 241rwkw Exhaust: Hurricane 1 7/8 headers, HM/Perry 2.5" catback, 200 CPI cats Gearbox: 6 Speed Manual...
  20. H

    [SA] WTB OR SWAP: 20" Supersport wheels with tyres.

    ITEM: I am looking to buy 20 Supersports with tyres to suit a VE. I currently have genuine 19" VE SSV Wheels with new tyres for sale or swap. LOCATION: South Australia, Adelaide CONDITION: Used PRICE: Sell VE SSV rims and tyres for $1700, or swap for 20" Supersport with cash your way...
  21. T

    VE SSV - dyno results low?

    hey all, ill list off the mods on the car to start with Orsomm OTR Hurricane 4>1 1" 7/8 headers 200 CPI hi flow cats 2.5 inch perry/HM catback. so basically OTR + full exhaust system i have had the car mafless tuned and run up on the dyno. now before any tuning was done - just bolt on mods...
  22. DeadxPatriot

    My new SSV

    Hey guys, Names Lex. New to this and just bought a new VE SSV 2010 mod, 17000kms already put 3000 on it lol but yeah, my first Commy ever! Just browsing through looking at peoples mods etc and getting ideas. Just wanna get an exhaust, extractors and a tune done for now. Any ideas...
  23. V

    [ACT] WTB/Swap - Hardtop cover to suit VE SSV ute

    DESCRIPTION: Swap/ Wanted to Buy / Trade ITEM: Looking to buy the 'humped' style of hard cover (see attached). I currently have the 'flat' hard top, also happy to swap. LOCATION: ACT CONDITION: Mine is used, 11,000km's, excellent (as new) condition, and painted in 'Voodoo Blue'...
  24. X

    my bday present :D

    hey guys, this is my ve ssv my09 so 2008, that i got for my birthday. modding slowly. being 18 and jobless, its pretty hard ahah. mods - - KPM OTR CAI - front spoiler/lip plans - - full exhuast system - hids low beam and fogs - lowering was going to lower it, but thats the only thing my dad...
  25. tdirago

    [VIC] WTS: VE SSV 19" x4

    ITEM: VE SSV's Clean set of wheels that cant look bad on any car - 2 Months old - Drilled to fit Pre VE - 95% Tread - 245/35/19 + Red and White Legal Whitewalls - Spotless condition, very well taken care of due to the walls being washed a lot and wheels scrubbed LOCATION: VIC...
  26. davey g-force

    Davey's MY09 VE SSV

    Here's my phantom metallic MY09 VE SSV. I've had it since late November 2008 and it's taken me this long to post pics! It's mostly stock ATM. I've done a few cosmetic mods to it, as you'll be able to tell from the photos. MODS: 20"x8.5" and 20"x9.5" Stamford wheels Lowered 1.5"...