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ve ute audio

  1. B

    Audio to a VE series 1

    Just wondering if anyone knows the stock type and size of the door speaker, also if anyone could recommend a reasonable priced pair that would be easy to intall that would be grouse. Thanks heaps
  2. W

    car audio information.

    Hi guys, Just out of personal information gain i was wondering could someone tell me in depth about how ohms work now i know a fair bit about electronics and car audio but i never really have had to look in to ohms it was only the other night when i was looking for a new amp for my splits...
  3. V

    Ve ss ute audio upgrade

    Looking at upgrading my audio set up, currently only changed out the front speakers with some pioneer ones, thinking along the lines of a quality amp, shallow 12'' sub with a shallow box mounted between the seats ( is this a good place to mount one) and cutting in 2 rear speakers in the...