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ve v8

  1. R

    VE V8 engine noises with different temperatures

    Hi there, I've noticed that my V8 can make a highish rattle at just over 2000 revs while it's cold. This noise disappears once the engine reaches optimal temperature. I was wondering what causes this and if it's a normal thing? The engine sounds great and drives awesome otherwise.
  2. Zerone_V

    P0204 - VE Injector Problems - How Common

    Hi everyone, On the way home tonight the car started spluttering. When I got home, I checked the OBD reader on and the car spat out a P0204 Injector Circuit Open - Cylinder 4. I had a quick play around with the injector plug, and got the thing running again for a period of 2 minutes, before...
  3. Darren

    6L V8 Economy

    Hi All, I am pondering the thought of getting rid of the VY and heading in the direction of a Calais V but 1 thing I can't seem to find a great deal of info is economy on the 6L. The figures I have come across so far are based on a combination of driving suburbs and freeway, we don't exactly...