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ve wheels

  1. Brayden3223

    Ve wheels on VZ

    Hey guys quick question, I just got Ve wheels for my car and I understand I need the centre hub machined to fit my vz. I’m just wondering if anybody knew any places around the south east Melbourne area that does it and rough cost on prices? Or if any of you guys have any good tips for doing it...
  2. V

    need help on what color to paint my gts wheels

    Hey im new to this group ive been wanting to paint my gts wheels there flat black atm but was thinking of painting them gloss black with little bit of orange bit im not sure what color have people painted theres
  3. Chris_

    [VIC] VE SS Wheels and tyres for sale

    ITEM: VE SS and SV6 Wheels and tyres LOCATION: Victoria, North Melbourne CONDITION: Used PRICE: Make me a sensible offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pickup only PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or Paypal CONTACT DETAILS: PM me please OTHER INFO: These wheels are...
  4. V

    wheels for a ve omega

    hey guys. first post here, just wondering about new wheels for my omega i have just bought, it just has the 16 inch stockys on it, i was looking at some 18"s but the blokes at bob jane and the tyre factory think that 20"s are the way to go for a ve. what are your thoughts on this? they also said...
  5. 1

    VE calais wheels on my vt

    im lookin at puttin some ve calais v wheels on my vt and was wonderin does anyone have any photos as to how it looks on there's? and if i put the wheels strictly made for the ve how much does it cost to put the spacers in so they will fit my vt, thanks guys **** i need help on this