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  1. R

    Bilstein suspension shattering ride quality

    Hi everyone, Ive been installing some bilstein shocks into my ve and encountered some problems, if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. So i bought them off ebay: VE Holden Commodore Bilstein Struts SET OF 4 Suit V6 V8 HSV Sedan Wagon UTE | eBay The rears went in...
  2. B

    Lightning bolt engine light check??

    Just bought a Ve sv6 thunder ute 3 weeks ago and today i have received the engine light with the lightning bolt im assuming that this means something electrical is wrong because i have checked everything and it is all topped up it has only done 34000 kms So before i fork out some cash to fix...
  3. M

    2007 VE SV6 - Play in steering rack

    Hi all I'm taking my car in for service this Friday. My mate who is a mechanic own workshop normally looks at German Cars he is going to do the service. I have always taken it to the dealer since I new. He doesn't obviously have the Holdem Tech 2 computer.. is that still OK? The heater...
  4. P

    MY10 'Poison ivy' SV6 ridin 22's

    This is my 6spd manual MY10 SV6 with the mods i hav done so far (next will be the engine when im off my p's). Day of Delivery:boxing: Lowered(ultra lows for the rear super lows at the front) with 22" Advanti Gauntlets and ssv tail lights. Without the spoiler.